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Backstage News on Brad Maddox, WWE Return Updates, Cole

– Michael Cole wrote the following on Twitter today about Jerry Lawler and JBL:

“Congrats to @JCLayfield for his return! Look forward to the sparring. Surprised you could drag yourself off golf course! 4 days and counting to the return of @JerryLawler and I can’t wait! All is right in the world again. #LongLiveTheKing”

– Here are some injury updates on several WWE Superstars:

* Mark Henry right now is scheduled to return at the end of 2012 after having shoulder surgery a few months back.

* Hunico is scheduled to return at the end of January 2013 after surgery for a torn ACL.

* Evan Bourne is scheduled back in early spring after a foot injury.

* Christian is expected back in late November or early December after shoulder surgery

– Brad Maddox is being considered a Triple H guy because for whatever reason, Triple H has taken a liking to him. Maddox wasn’t looked at as anything special in OVW or FCW. However, it is said that he improved while in Florida but was hardly one of the top stars there.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • so henry hunico and christian will probally make there return at royal rumble and evan maybe at mitb

  • SYM

    Maddox.wil some how win on raw, I haven’t even seen him and I already think he’s better than ryback. also two words drew mcintyre.

  • chronoxiong

    When you’re a Triple H guy, you will be pushed to the moon. Time to get ready for a Maddox push.

  • dan

    i think it could be quality he could be edge-esk where he constantly cheats his way to wins like facing ryback nxt week…gotta be a screw job coming again depending on how they play this wwe could make a new watchable character, i for one thought maddox was better than most of the locker room with his mic skills last monday….

  • hodgie guy

    Miz became something when given a chance in WWE. He started horribly but progressed. I am sure Maddox will as well. I was majorly impressed with the bumps he took from Ryback at HIAC and personally think he too can become a star.

  • Cropsy

    I missed Christian…

  • Jeff

    The thing is… Did anybody miss these guys?

  • Razo Power

    Heck, am a repoman guy.

  • Shawn

    So this article is basically saying most of these guys will be ‘surprise’ entrants in the Rumble.

  • Stevie P

    Move over Sheamus, Trips has a new “workout buddy”.

  • Jerk Factor

    He’s one of HHH’s boys, that can only mean one thing – he’s got a huge 15 inch penis, just like HHH, Vince and all those mighty big swinging dicks backstage at WWE.

  • WOW

    Well hes set…ANYBODY HHH or Vince likes gets a rocket shoved up there proverbial ass and sent to the forefront. It gets tiring seeing so much talent left in developmental so Vince and HHH can play with projects.