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Backstage News on Brie and Stephanie, Talk on Why HHH Thinks Some Fans Are Cheap, NXT

– Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon have both reportedly been training hard with the goal of having a good match at WWE Summer Slam.

– It was said by in this week’s newsletter that Triple H is angry at WWE fans if they’re not subscribing to the WWE Network with the idea that fans are cheap.

– If WWE does go ahead and move SmackDown back to Thursday nights, the live NXT specials would air on Wednesday night. No word yet on if NXT and Superstars would move to Wednesdays or Fridays.


  • StocktonJoe

    Of course, it has NOTHING to do with the fact that most of the programing is either reruns of old crap (I’m sorry, “classic” crap), or new emptiness. And it’s got nothing to do with problems with the stream freezing, or other technical quality issues. Only in Mr. Helmsley’s world could the ONLY REASON for people not buying HIS product be because they’re (we’re) cheap. When “the people” don’t buy a product, it’s because “the people” decide that the product (for whatever reason) isn’t worth the price being charged.

  • Jorge Ruvalcaba

    Seriously though only reason i subscribed is because I can only find crappy feeds online and at $10 bucks its worth it for the late nights i stay up watching full ppvs or RAW,NXT but yeah if my income goes down it will be on the short list of luxuries i will cut out

  • drew

    Well he constantly addresses the failing money problem due to the fans. Then trys desperately to convince the fans to get
    $9.99 trending. This smells of a desperate man who knows deep down, no matter what prasad he pretends to be, he is the reason things are failing. That is why is constantly in matches because he can not understand why money isn’t pooring in like it used to. He can’t see that years of constantly pushing the same people and squashes the wrestlers that get over on their own, makes fans not finding the worth in anything WWE.
    I get that WWE wants to be the land of the giants but to be blind that so many fans are pulling for the smaller/regular frame guys, it just doesn’t make any sense. The worst thing is that one of HHH’s best frinds was a tag teamer and very small splash in the pan, did everything he could to get over AND DID. The WWE(F) then gave him a shot and saw that he was getting reactions from the fans they wanted and he extended past the ceiling.
    Everything HHH has done sense being in charge shows a man who has no idea what he was getting into and failing horribly.

  • Keith Learmonth

    And yet, whenever they bring back people from the Attitude era, it’s always “Man, they need to let that go”

  • Keith Learmonth

    I would subscribe, but, it’s not available in my country until tuesday.
    Does this mean I can call HHH cheap for not making it easy for a WWE fan in another country to get it?

  • TheFizPop

    Well Mr Helmsley, I will not only not subscribe to it, but i will continue to watch streams like i always have!! S*ck That!!

  • jedi

    Although I do agree that if a adult who watches WWE regularly should have no problem paying for the network especially if you order ppv’s but I just can’t srang HHH constant negative opinions on fans . I truly feel like those thank you promos to the fans are such BS because if your not a sick fan you are trash to HHH!

  • HBK

    Agreed, greedy bastards, I got youtube if I wanna see old school 90’s wrestling. get rid of this PG crap and cena and bring back attitude era. That’s whats best for “BUISNESS”

  • Jason Lentini

    So people who do not necessarily have the extra income for whatever reason should get it anyway because H3 is angry and says they are cheap ? I’ve got two words for him that he helped make famous … SUCK IT !