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Backstage News on Brock Lesnar’s New Deal with WWE and WrestleMania 29

– Multiple sources report that Brock Lesnar has signed a one-year deal with WWE that will see him work through WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey next year.

Lesnar has signed on for a minimum of two appearances per month over the next year plus additional appearances during the build to WrestleMania 29. The belief is that Lesnar will make around 30-35 appearances over the next year but WWE likely has the ability to negotiate additional appearances, if he’s willing to make them.

As seen on RAW, The Rock teased a run with the WWE Title. Speculation is that Lesnar will eventually challenge The Rock for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 29.

Source: PWInsider

  • adam

    @john…He desrves better hten one of the best wrestlers in the company and one of the biggest stars. Its better you put him in there with someone like punk who can if austin cant fully go punk can help him threw. Plus there is no story built in with cena or orton you would have to creat a hole storyline. Punk and austin its built in beer drinking redneck vs the leader of straight edge. Also i to say that if you wanna give rock one last run with the title it should only happen if he is on every raw and he is a regular same with lesnar if they show up on all the shows then they can have the title other then that neither of them should be anywere near it. But that would be a great card brock vs rock punk vs austin i dont know if i would wanna see cena vs taker just cuase i think taker should be done. The three of them HHH HBK and Taker had there moment walking off into the sunset so to speak they should be done no more matches.

  • all american hero

    @ cena33 somebody boo this man

  • kitkrock

    Rock vs Brock
    Cena vs Taker
    Cm Punk vs Austin
    Batista vs Mason Ryan
    Curt Hawkins vs Percy Watson

    Dream card right there

  • cenas_balls_left_in_miami_

    @john cena 33 how can u say that when taker was the one to go to Brocks play ground and try to call him out don’t be mad cause cena been getting his ass beat down for the past two nights

  • x0333

    Remember when winning the Royal Rumble guaranteed you the main event at wrestlemania? lol… now it’s the first match hahaha. Anyways, all those matches are good, but just know that in one of those matches, Sting will be facing one of those guys next yeat (most likely Taker).. Trust me!

  • JohnCena33


  • Nicholas

    I don’t see Wrestlmania 29 happening the way the internet is making it out to be. To me the only person Brock Lasner is facing at next year Wrestlmania is the reason why he is back to face the Undertaker. Yeah I said the other day it would not happen but when I am wrong will be man enough to admit it. To me the only person for Brock Lasner to face has to be the Undertaker. An yeah Brock Lasner may have sign for just one year but you never know. If all goes well he could be back a lot longer. They are just seeing how a year would work at first.

    Now as for the Rock I don’t think he should get a WWE title match if he is not going to be here for the whole year. At least Lasner going to be around but the Rock no he should not get a shot at the WWE title. The only person I want the Rock to face next year at Wrestlmania 29 is HHH. Why because these to has had one of the best rival an it would be nice to see HHH vs The Rock one more time.

  • Bill

    Why not have Rock vs. Brock 2 at Summerslam? It’d be the 10th anniversary of their first encounter.

  • Prince

    FWIW, Lesnar said in an interview for WWE ’12 that the one guy he wishes he had faced, and still wants to wrestle is Stone Cold. I could see it happening.

  • Dean

    I meant WM27 not WM28

  • Dean

    I know alot of people dont like Cena but if WWE have The Rock vs Brock at WM29 main event it would be an insult to Cena. The Rock can come when he likes (something like 10 times since WM28) and Brock who will most likely have a short contract make loads and never come back. While Cena will be there all the time and is he meant to be the face of the company.

    That is a massive FU to Cena.

  • Wellsy

    I’d prefer to see Brock vs Austin. Now THAT’S a match, and a great backstory from WMXX.

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    wow the more i see the ‘biz’ turning into what really is just good for business, the more i feel de-tached. wrestling was only good when your a kid, you believe more they are fighting, the champs actually deserve the belts. Now we know its all predetermined, knowing who is better is long lost, instead who makes the most $ wins. some one deserving of the title should have it at WM 29, belts should be for full timers. let the ‘people that earned their spot’ be relevant for their 10 yea old sthick, have their moment of relevance and be gone, till next year

  • John

    @Ben. For a normal fued that would’ve worked but for Austin’s final match and first match in 10 years he deserves much better.

  • Ben


    I think the man reason we may see the match is the similarities between Punk and Austin.

    Both were the outspoken rebel that defied their boss,

    Also, the whole Straight-Edge vs Redneck thing writes itself.

  • John

    Plus Punk isn’t a draw and his face on a WM29 billboard would do the company no favors. Im not saying Cena’s as big a draw as Austin/Rock/Hogan but MUCH more so than CM Punk. Austin deserves to wrestle a star for his last match. Personally I was fine with Austin vs. The Rock at WM19. If anyone should’ve been Austin’s final opponent it was The Rock.

  • Donald

    I think punk vs Austin will happen they have both been teasing it on twitter

  • John

    @Ben. Rock vs. Cena made sense because the two are closer to the same level. Rock is a legend and Cena’s been a huge star and top guy in the company for the past 7 years. Punk’s been a huge star for what, 8 or 9 months. Before that he was an upper mid-carder. At this stage Punk’s not worthy to challenge the biggest star in the history of wrestling to his last match. It’d be a huge joke. Cena vs. Austin would make more sense. Hell Orton vs. Austin would make more sense.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    It feels like we’re continuing from Summerslam 2002……… I like it.

  • Ben


    Just last week Punk tweeted “29, son” to Austin.

  • Ben


    How exactly is Punk not a big enough star? Have you not been watching wrestling for the past year!?

    The reason the match is being talked about, is because Austin and Punk constantly tweet back and forth teasing a match.


  • John

    Rock vs. Brock Lesnar for the title would be a huge slap in the face of everyone who works for the company full time. 2 guys who show up only a few times a year should not be fighting for the belt.

    And why does everyone think Austin’s wrestling Punk at WM29? CM Punk isn’t nearly a big enought star to meet Austin at WM. I think it’s just something the IWC is spreading as it’s pretty much their wet dream.

  • Ant

    I Want To See Lesnar Face CM PUNK for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP Since Theyve NEVER IN HISTORY faced I Would Pay To See That Match All U People Can Talk About Lesnar and Cena Or Lesnar and Rock but I WANNA SEE BROCK LESNAR VS CM PUNK

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    That would be a massive slap to the face if Rock or Lesnar get the title or even a shot after just returning. Rock isn’t a regular, so he won’t be there weekly and has only had 2 or 3 matches since last year. Lesnar won’t be a regular either if this is true.

  • 2ratedrko2

    I’m sure it’ll be a triple threat match with of course John Cena, and we’ll get to see him “overcome the odds” again…..

  • JohnCena33

    get rock the hell out of the wwe, he doesn’t deserve the wwe championship

  • Whocares

    What about Batista? Everyone says they saw him in Miami too. Possible it was just mason Ryan?

  • K3G

    Lesnar will save us from PG era

  • cenas_balls_left_in_miami_

    Fuck yea rock vs Brock wm29 for the WWE title

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    So many matches could be done with rock and lesnar vs themselves and others. Good move WWE.

  • This Guy

    Hope this includes house shows appearances (wishful thinking)

  • Josh McDOWELL

    rock vs brock
    cena vs taker
    austin vs punk

    my wrestle mania 29 prediction.

  • 1919dpg

    that sounds pretty awesome actually.