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Backstage News on Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future, Update on ROH Stars Possibly Coming to WWE

– All signs point to Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards no longer being under contract to Ring of Honor. Both men are expected to be at the WWE Performance Center in September for another weekend-long talent evaluation camp.

– Brock Lesnar is not expected back on WWE TV until late December or early January 2014, in time for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. At one point, WWE officials were looking at doing Lesnar vs. CM Punk at the Hell In a Cell pay-per-view but they have been backing away from those plans as of late.

Source: PWInsider

  • Kaizen

    Good, so wasting talents is a better solution… My method is a way to make them relevant… I mean we have the US Title,who cares about it?

  • ssadasd


    NO NEW DIVISION, no more belts.

  • ssadasd

    Not worth 5 million but calling him talentless is absurd, Lesnar can sell a good beating.

  • ssadasd

    He can deliver and sell a beating like few others.

  • Kaizen

    Richards and Edwards would be great if they were used properly if the WWE builds a Light Heavyweight Division. These guys already have 30 years… If they go to NXT, then they will be at least 31-33 years when/if they debut on main roster. Best idea for the WWE is to slowly introduce the new division, first on NXT, then on Superstars and finally on Smackdown because Raw is too much about size these days. They have a great potential Light Heavyweight Division:
    Kofi Kingston
    Evan Bourne
    Adrian Neville
    Justin Gabriel
    Rey Mysterio
    Sin Cara
    Eddie Edwards
    Davey Richards
    Sami Zayn
    Sami Calihan
    Tyson Kidd among others
    then can build up champions out of this division same way they did in the past with Mysterio or Bryan. And most of all, not all Cruiserweights would be Babyface underdogs, they can be also Heels a rare twist in today’s WWE. When u look at all the listed guys, u just think… hmmm, babyfaces, all of them.

  • Greg

    Whole heartedly agree. Not worth near the 5 million a year he makes

  • d_pooch

    Agree. He’s really just a marquee name now. Not the talent he used to be.

  • ddfindl

    WWE is sucking up all the indie talents!

  • Stumpy

    It’s funny, but I don’t even give a crap about Lesner. He is nowhere close to who he was before he bolted for UFC.