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Backstage News on Cena vs. The Rock, NXT Diva Gets New Name, More

– Natalya is currently in the Superstar Spotlight on WWE’s website.

– Zack Ryder continues to hype his WrestleMania 29 battle against WWE catering. He tweeted last night:

“36 DAYS until #RyderVsCatering at @WrestleMania 29 at @MLStadium! #RyderManiaWWWYKI”

– We noted last week that WWE had signed Kendra Smith, who has experience in MMA and stuntwork, to a developmental deal. Her new ring name is Kendall Skye. On a related note, it’s said that Kendra impressed NXT officials big time several weeks back when she attended the tryouts.

– There has been an ongoing discussion within WWE about how John Cena will defeat The Rock at WrestleMania 29 in New York City without upsetting a lot of fans. There’s a feeling among some that Cena must get the win this time. It’s already expected that Cena will be booed out of the building.

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  • Barry Horowitz

    and all you people will whine about how great the attitude era was cuz you only see the past with rose tinted goggles, and you’ll say why cant it be like the attitude era whaaaaa!!! I’d settle just for unpredictable programming and interesting angles.

  • Barry Horowitz

    WWE is just a bullet train of mediocrity,they have ever chance to make the show fun and unpredictable and they dont do it because they’re afraid someone might get offended.

  • Barry Horowitz

    I like how the current WWE is afraid of upsetting people, this is wrestling not feel good time,cena will be booed no matter what so just go with it.and no he wont turn heel so dont even get your hopes up about it.

  • I wouldn’t complain about repeating history. nor do I about the product. I watch it because I like no matter how bad it is at times. im a fan and a part of being a fan is knowing that I know a lot of stuff is going to be on repeat A LOT! You say bring up Ryback but he’s not ready. You don’t just thrust a guy into a championship reign so soon. He needs more build and a big win. he’s lost all his huge ppv matches. so the way I see it is that if Cena beats Rock and they want the fans not to complain then make a no DQ where either Vince, Punk or Hetman help Cena win. Vince excuse can be that all he ever wanted was Rock to be full time again but since he isn’t then he had to do what he had to do instead of letting the WWE championship be gone for months. Punks is simple that he doesn’t like rock. and heyman can basically say he did it for punk or something like that. who knows. all I know is whether the match and outcome are good or bad I won’t complain because the main match I’m concerned about is CM Punk vs whoever and Daniel vs whoever and if Ziggler is cashing in that night.

  • Jorge Ruvalcaba

    its okay if Cena gets booed out of the stadium it will be yet another wrestlemania moment and after the match Rock will stand up and shake his hand to prove he is a good sport Cena will NEVER turn heel lets all just get over it

  • JJ

    If cena wins im jumping over the barricade along witha couple of me my friends

  • JAckh45

    then a week after it all happens ull be back here saying how “WWE is old and stale using story lines from 10 + years ago” “Fuck Vince” blah blah blah.

    Cena Heel yes. Using one of the most noted WM main events to do it… no. Make something new. Maybe you see Cena and Punk team up.
    Punk hates the way Rock comes in and takes main event status. Cena could “use” Punk promising first title defence to him… only then to screw over Punk and create a new face to replace Cena’s turn.
    Sure we have seen PunkvCena a million times, but bring on the Draft and have one of them change shows… bring up Ryback or even Lesnar change him to be a face and feud with Cena…
    So many possibilities but we all know… WWE wont do anything great. A “you cant see me” beats the rock at WM… could of called it a year ago.

    The worst part of this people…. Rock will want a decider match… Cena V Rock III next year… and Vince will allow it… money is money.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I totally agree, but I feel it will never happen. They say mainly because of how much merchandise he sells and the fact that theres “nobody” to replace him, in carrying the company wise.

  • Omar

    If only….if only.

  • Have the match No DQ, Vince come out during the match hand Cena a chair and Cena assaults Rock like Austin did in 2001 at WM17 bam Cena doesnt win clean and walks away a heel and people wont be so mad. Remember Austin was saying how he had to win and needed the WWF Championship and needed to beat Rock. Cena is basically saying the same

  • Punkster

    The only cena that would not be booed by me is thuganomtics cena!!

  • Hardlyaaron

    I’d like to see a Cena that is resentful of the way he has been treated by WWE fans for just being himself. That’s the character he has always played and after his “rough year” last year, maybe he has grown a bit angry. This would allow for Cena to stay the character he has said he’d always be, but for us to boo him also.

    I’ve always been a fan of John Cena, although not SuperCena, and to see him play something else would be nice. I feel like this would be the most fitting.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Why will he get booed? I’m sorry i’d rather see a full time Cena than a half ass Rock.

  • Jack

    Of course he is so…..MAKE HIM A HEEL.