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Backstage News on Cena Having Surgery, Goal for His Return

– John Cena is reportedly dealing with several injuries besides the elbow that was operated on and the busted ankle from Night of Champions. Regarding the elbow injury that was operated on yesterday, it was not because of something that happened at Sunday’s pay-per-view.

The elbow issue was something that was known before but reports that Cena had an MRI on the elbow while at RAW on Monday and nobody expected it to be something that needed surgery. Cena got word on Tuesday that he needed surgery on the elbow. The feeling was that he needed to rest several injuries and that they should get the surgery done while they have several weeks in between pay-per-views.

The goal is for Cena to return in time for the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view to face WWE Champion CM Punk. Cena won’t be wrestling at live events but he will still have a presence on RAW until he recovers.

Partial source: PWInsider


    @shawn #letsbereal wwe r]is SCARED TO DEATH thats y they cant have cena off tv for even a week n how much ya wanna bet dat if cena had a MAJOR MAJOR injury GOD forbid that kept him outta ring for months that the BIG E wood still force him on tv n all honesty they need to have a plan b n just need to let CENA GET 100% he doesnt need the title n he aint missin anything so just let him heal #imjustsayin

  • Shawn

    Let’s hold Cena off TV until either the Rumble or Mania. This would be good for so many reasons. Too bad WWE is afraid of going bankrupt if Cena misses even a minute of TV time. Imagine if, God forbid, he actually sustained some sort of major injury like he had several years ago. Wow. What on earth would WWE do? Maybe they should see how everything would go while Cena isn’t actually injured bad instead of waiting for that potential disaster of a scenario?