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Backstage News on Cesaro, Why WWE Booked Him Against Orton, More

– We noted last week how the Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston match from Main Event was praised by several WWE talents on Twitter. The match also received praise among WWE officials but the success of the match was credited to Cesaro.

The feeling was that Cesaro made the match excellent and that’s why he was booked to face Randy Orton on this week’s Main Event.

Regarding the promo Cesaro cut on Monday’s RAW after defeating Zack Ryder, it was almost the same promo he cut at last week’s WWE NXT tapings after defeating Yoshi Tatsu. It appears WWE has decided to do away with Cesaro’s yodeling gimmick.


  • poko

    Positive news as far as getting good matches on television and watching talents like Cesaro perform on a regular basis, but it’s also somewhat troubling. As with Daniel Bryan and Jericho, it’s looking like the WWE is going the route of using its best in-ring performers to put over guys who are average or less wrestlers. The downside is the danger that the best wrestlers won’t ever be allowed to move beyond jobbing status because they’re so valuable in that role. I know guys like Cesaro and Bryan are professionals who are just doing their job but as a fan I want to see them win, too.

  • Scooter

    You’re right they should sign Davey Richards and let him cut awful promos and jump on peoples heads like an unprofessional dickhead. Balance is key if people wanted to simply see wrestling with no storylines why wouldn’t they just watch MMA or amateur wrestling?

  • Elvis Dolinski

    I have to agree with Sam, Orton doesn’t need the win, but since we are on the Orton topic, he hasn’t been very relevant to any storyline in quite some time, is he in the dog house or is he still just not a good wrestler? I’m confused

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Wow! WWE praising wrestlers who actually wrestle, hmm, so if we get Indy wrestlers to wrestle on a bigger stage then, what what what? this adds up, then we would have a wrestling show, I get this thing called business now, if only we didn’t focus on crazy gimmicks and showed wrestling, nah! I’m joking, I love the cheesy storylines, they can’t have solid gold shows week after week, I mean come on! CM Punk has not come back yet

  • It would been good if they had him beat Orton, kind of makes his Promo on RAW a bit pointless now…..