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Backstage News on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan Feuding with The Wyatt Family

– The original script for Monday’s RAW reset had Daniel Bryan and CM Punk going at it with The Shield, instead of The Wyatt Family.

WWE officials felt that they needed to pump up The Wyatt Family to get more out of them, and give Bray Wyatt something big because they are high on his character. There’s a feeling that WWE went the wrong way with Bray and needed to go back so they put him in a competitive situation with Punk and Bryan to help get him over.

Source: PWInsider

  • millerj265

    I agree, I just think two things need to happen. 1. they need to at least explain what happened with them and Kane because as much as Vince seems to think fans just forget everything that happened as recently as a month ago, we don’t. And 2. they need to decisively beat punk and Bryan at least one time, maybe 2, all the wwe needs to do is look at what it did for the shield to win cleanly over top guys to see that its the way to go if they want to establish the Wyatts as a serious gimmick. Its already to late to have them go undefeated for a long stretch like the shield, but im okay with that since it was done so recently and so well with the shield, but they do need to win, and win often and decisively, for there gimmick to get over, and for it to have any impact when they do actually lose. You cant build up a guy or a group as unstoppable monsters if they lose to often at the very offset of there push, Ryback being a great example of that, he was looked at as this unstoppable wracking machine, then he gets jobbed out for 6 months or so, and now look at him, he could have a match with santino on raw this week, and if he lost no one would be surprised or even care, because his aura of unstop ability as been stripped from him, and he’s now just another big lumbering meathead who loses to guys who he is twice the size of.

  • poko

    They’ve come close to dropping the ball with the Wyatt Family, as their angles thus far have been pointless and gone nowhere. I hope they can turn the situation around.

  • Loose Cannon

    Bray & the Wyatt family could be a great commodity present & future, I really enjoy their characters & wish wwe would push them a little more, the feud with Kane was a great start but hasn’t done much since, so maybe them going after CM Punk & Daniel Brian being main event talents could be a great thing to bring them more attention!