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Backstage News on CM Punk, Latest Episode of WWE’s “Are You Serious?”, Hogan-WWE Note

– Josh Mathews and “Road Dogg” BG James are back with the latest episode of WWE’s “Are You Serious?” You can watch below:

– For what it’s worth, WWE added Hulk Hogan to their Alumni list on Twitter this weekend. Hogan’s tweets now show up with the other WWE Alumni tweets.

– WWE Champion CM Punk is scheduled to be more focused upon later this year when it comes to some of WWE’s major marketing.

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  • scooter

    Everyone tweet wwe to get steiner on the alumni list more peole must read his rants!

  • Men on a Mission

    With any luck, maybe this marketing push will include ice cream bars…

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Gorilla thank you for that, You Know It

  • barry horowitz

    hagaha what you should do is get some hooked on phonics son cuz you talk like a damn drooling fuckin retard

  • Gorilla

    Woo Woo WOO…..

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Hagaha that comment made no sense what so ever

  • Hagaha

    Why barret he is an asshole o mean he sucks monkey balls… I rather have a buffalo take a diarrea shit in my ear than hearing a barret promo!

  • The Ryder Revolution

    I Want to see Barrett vs Punk for the title or CM Punk vs Bryan

  • Buttercastle

    Did they really think it was a good idea letting even more people see what Hogan tweets?

  • Skoochi

    Will have to do with Lesnar/Punk feud.

  • SYM

    BTW you guys should watch William Regal vs Brodus Clay in a Dance Battle while listening to X-Pac’s theme.

  • SYM

    WWE’s probably going to Have a New WWE Title Belt and Give it to Punk for a while.

  • mean-gene

    What? Focusing on the WWE Champion? It’ll never work