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Backstage News on Cole, Update & Photo from Cena, Foley

– WWE posted the following video of Mick Foley reading passages from his new book that is available now – “A Most MIZerable Christmas.”

– Michael Cole has been told to play more of a babyface role lately. Cole was specifically told to lay off Jim Ross and keep the insults down after Ross returned to replace Jerry Lawler while he is recovering.

– John Cena posted the following update and photo this morning:

“Two weeks from surgery, swelling is almost under control, bruise is migrating. Im trying my best to get back to #raw. And THANK YOU to @wwe and ALL of you for the support of the Susan G Komen campaign. Lets raise awareness in October #riseabovecancer”

John Cena s elbow new

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  • RPM

    i did wonder why cole and JR were getting along.

  • Joe John

    Man, his kids have aged a lot since I’ve last seen them…then again, so have I.

  • Knobbs

    How did Mick make a beautiful daughter? he looks like a drunk bum

  • sepulz

    I always thought Cole was annoying but when he turned heel he became unbearable

  • Nick

    Cole is not as annoying, got to admit

  • Dale

    His daughter is hot.