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Backstage News on the Controversial Lawler Angle from RAW

– The controversial Jerry Lawler angle from Monday’s RAW where Paul Heyman and CM Punk mocked his heart attack was actually booked several weeks ago and approved by all parties that were in the ring – Lawler, Punk, Heyman and Mick Foley.

One WWE source said the whole angle was a perfect example of “how Vince McMahon thinks.” Very few people inside and out of the company were shocked that WWE did the angle because of how Vince is and because WWE has done much worse in the past.

There were very few wrestlers in WWE who were upset with the angle. The majority of the heat within WWE came from WWE’s decision to air the video that had audio of Lawler snoring as he had the heart attack and footage of Lawler backstage as doctors tried to bring him back to life.


  • Tombstone

    Hey dumbass, Remember about 2 months ago when you were bitching and crying because someone was using your screen name? I xalled them out and made it a point to let them know we could tell when it was the fake. Thats when the idiot decided to copy my name. So if this is the real poko then kiss my ass your comment was uncalled for. If this is fakeass poko, Trust me I will see you banned from this site.

  • Eddie Money

    Don’t know if Jerry approved it because he thought it was a good idea or if he did it to avoid trouble. I think he’s at a point where if he would’ve been opposed and spoke up that would’ve been the end of it. Either way it was a little classless but like everyone here saying it’s business. Jerry has been involved is a few classless spots himself. making fun of the Stu and Helen Hart for one but what comes to mind is Jerry pouring whiskey down the throat of a sobering Jake Roberts in like ’95.

  • poko

    @Tombstone, nobody fucking cares about when you post! I dont see why you think you’re relevant here, we’re all anon so yea fuck tard get a life! this whole ‘fake’ tombstone shit is getting boring now.

  • Tombstone

    I had no problem with the shit they did in the ring. Hello it brought heat right? But the video was really poor taste. A total lack of class there.

    Once again I remind everyone that I only post a night. Never at 12:31 in the afternoon. Also I know how to spell matter. Still trying to figure out what metter means.

  • Ron

    He didn’t have any heart attack. God you people are gullible. The fact that they mocked it proves it wasn’t real. Haven’t you people learned by now that if it happens in wrestling… IT IS NOT REAL.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Knowing Jerry’s history of blurring the lines between reality and wrestling, (Andy Kaufman, anyone?), Jerry himself probably thought this was a -great- idea.

  • Hank Moody

    Wrestling fans need a thicker skin. Jerry Lawler approved it, probably even pushed for it knowing him, the same guy who was perfectly fine with Michael Cole getting heat off him when his mother died a few days earlier, and it’s his life, so if he’s willing to brush it off and have fun with it, so am I. Was it in good taste? No, and I’m happy, because I’m sick of how sanitized WWE has become. It’s closer to a G product than a PG product. They need to put SOME edginess into it, and people still complain even though the victim of this heart attack has no issue with it. I’m glad Lawler’s not a sensitive little pussy like some of WWE’s fans.

  • SYM

    Oh my god was has happened to wrestling fans in the past 20 years? Did all of your balls drop off the same time the Attitude Era died? Lets recall that WWE has made a storyline of Kane screwing a dead woman, Bret Hart being in the KKK, hell they even had Dave Batista tell Rey Mysterio that Eddie was irrelevant because hes Dead. Chill out. Lawler approved it, he had no issue with it. You aren’t his Lawyer stop making a big deal over a harmless situation. None of us had the Heart Attack.

  • cc

    You can whine all you want and call it bad taste, but no way did this go ahead without Lawlers approval. Those bitching about the backstage footage etc, go watch the fucking news, you will see much worse on there. Believe me, if Lawler wasnt down with it he would have quit. Lawler has done it before, and certainly isnt going to let Vince bully him into going along with the angle.

    Its a tv show, just get over it.

  • lj28

    Ilove wrestling but thats gross. Also the Cena AJ storyline is bad. Hes getting through a divorce and it dont look good. A little story is ok but wheres the wrestling????

  • Huh?

    The video was far over the line. Couldn’t believe that they shot that. But the promo was child’s play and should have been expected.

    Did you all forget that jerry allowed them to mention the death of his last surviving parent when he and cole were feuding? #historyrepeatsitself

  • ChrisDV

    The video package was in terrible taste.

    At least you can defend the in-ring promo by reasoning that Punk & Heyman were just doing their jobs by drawing heat from the crowd, and it wouldn’t have happened if everyone involved didn’t give the okay for it; but the video of the doctor’s trying to resusscitate King? How can you possibly defend that?

  • kolton

    They wouldn’t show a video of owen hart falling cause well, they can’t really ask him. And fuck, who gives a shit? If the people involved said do it because they thought it would entertain you people, then get over it. I laughed so hard, and it was unexpected (which I loved). I could not complain at all about that segment.

  • Anon

    There’s no guarantee that if Jerry would’ve said no, he’d have been reprimanded. Hell, he quit a while back because his wife was let go. He has standards, and if he wasn’t truly OK with it, he wouldn’t have agreed to it.

  • TheSheepDog

    Anybody who was shocked, stunned or did not see this coming, should really stop watching wwe, because you clearly have not paid attention over the years! It was already obvious this was going down, but after the long live the king t’s went on sale, well that certified it.

    Punk also needs to go ‘there’ with his promos and stunts, as he is that character that will never truly be hated, i have always loved heel punk, but hell, cena gets more genuine heat than punk still, so VKM has to push boundaries with Punk.

  • Wellsy

    I’d have been annoyed if they didn’t take the chance to do something like this.

    Some people need to get a grip. He survived. He’s not offended. He probably was happy that they can laugh about it. Lawler is laughing in the face of death. That’s pretty cool in my book.

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    the difference between jerry n owen is jerry is still alive. so why not take advantage n make the most of it. even if it is sick vinces plan seem to work since so many people are talkin about it n punk will undoubtedly have more heat

  • Buttercastle

    I’m glad I chose to go stand in line for Black Ops 2 instead of watching RAW Monday. I lost my uncle to a heart attack last year and I don’t really feel like watching a reinactment of what happened.

  • Tombstone

    who says it was not an re-enactment? looked abit to ER and House to be legit! but its wwe so its legit and real…right?!

    and wow mentioning owen, that is not necessary 🙂 poking fun at his fatal act is no laughing metter!!!

  • Cboz78

    The angle is one thing, it’s wrestling, it was gonna happen, but showing the video of the CPR and defrib’ing was going too far. You’re not going to show a video of Owen Hart falling are you? Clinically, Lawler was dead, so to show that was in bad taste.

  • Tombstone

    so when its “too PG” ya’ll bitch and when its more like your beloved attitude era, you bitch?! no wonder VKM pays no attention to you whining brats!

  • dave

    so much for the PG era

  • Lew

    they shouldn’t have did it but it could have been worse its WWE

  • Sam Peters

    it was obv that it was approved by Lawler as they wouldnt done it otherwise especially coz of how serious it was, i didnt like what they did but business is business

  • Hasan

    It was like spitting in the face of the miracle that happened instead of thanking.

  • what?

    yep just proves how sick wrestling is anymore i feel for jerry he knows if he would of said no he would be in the dog house Paul Heyman and CM Punk are ass hats so no big surprise they went along with it .and foley and vince hate each other but im still surprised foley went with it just sick

  • Mark

    Just cos they approved it doesnt make it right. I was sick to my stomach.