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- Here is Big E Langston’s response after WWE broke news that his Intercontinental Title shot was pulled from Hell In a Cell due to Curtis Axel’s injury:


– Regarding Axel’s injury, word is that he was injured on Monday’s RAW. Apparently Axel blew out both of his hips in what’s being called a “freak accident.”

Partial source: F4Wonline.com


    Since u put it like that yeah I agree with u but still they shouldn’t force it upon him I mean everyone get thrown in the gutter for sumn


    Ziggler is one of the best in ring performers they have and like he says he shows ot off every single night. He doesn’t scream out mid card but he could be considered that since wwe doesn’t push him he’s just like billy Gunn to me a younger version and just like billy he didn’t get pushes until late in his careerso I see the same happening for him but atleast he’s been world champ 3 times

  • JohnCena33

    Yes, I agree, but Ziggler is just being buried, even though it is a step down from a world champ to IC title, I thnk it is a step up from being buried to IC title.

  • JohnCena33

    Cool story bro, did I say, yes I am so glad he is hurt, no I didn’t, so please continue to insult my class for a simple comment on the internet.

    Axel is overrated, the guy looks like a fish out of water, he can’t talk, his matches are dull and boring, his father had more talent in his thumb than Axel has in his whole body.

    Also, the only reason Axel got the title is because the man who was supposed to win, Fandango, was hurt, so Axel was put in his spot out of desperation by WWE, funny how karma works, Axel gets the IC title because someone is injured, and now he will lose it because he is injured.


    That’s kinda downgrading and once ur champ it diminishes your credibility if u get a Lowe championship in my opinion just like it always was before super cena once u graduated from the ic title u didn’t go back to it

  • JohnCena33

    Did you not understand what I wrote, I said someone more deserving is ZIGGLER, not Cena. It is sad that you wish harm upon another human being, please stop wishing harm upon someone.

  • JohnCena33

    I agree, but since Cena is occupying that, I figured Ziggler at the very least deserved the IC title.

  • Minstrel_Period

    Ziggler deserves to be mid-card, and that is what he is. If he “doesn’t like it”, TNA will be happy to make him their champ and he won’t dent their ratings.

  • Minstrel_Period

    This is what we all expect from you. Garbage.

    John Cena is the least worthy champ, and I hope he has a horrible accident that ends his career so he has to drop his belt to someone more worthy. Hopefully his short reign will end by Damien “Jakes Snake” Sandow.

  • http://retrorevelations.blogspot.com/ Jesse Moak

    “More deserving”? Yeah, because the son of Mr. Perfect is so overrated, right? The dude suffered a really horrible injury, which is going to slow his career. And you’re sitting there hoping someone “more deserving” gets his belt. Pure class man.


    Ziggler deserves to be world champion again. never again a step under

  • JohnCena33

    Hopefully Axel drops the IC title and someone more deserving gets it…

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