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Backstage News on Damien Sandow’s Storyline, WWE DVD Sale, More

– WWE released the following video looking back at Superstars going through the Spanish announce table:

– Now through January 7th, all FYE stores will be running a “buy one, get one free” sale on all WWE DVD’s and Blu-rays.

– There is talk that the current angle where Damien Sandow is looking for an apprentice may lead to someone new being called up from WWE developmental. As of a week ago, there were still plans for Sandow to be paired with Cody Rhodes when he returns in early 2013 but that could change.

  • Bill

    Rhodes Scholars reminds me of Christian & Chris Jericho from 2002. Jericho & Christian were pretty established singles guys, but they played heels well off of Kane & RVD. R. Scholars can do the same, especially since Team Hell No is just like RVD & Kane. They add a variety to the tag division, but they shouldn’t & wouldn’t be kept as one for the rest or their careers.

  • i would like wade barrett to move up to feuding with ryback, dolph (if dolph goes face) and possibly feud with the champs.

    I am not sure if wade is ready for a title but i wouldn’t give him the US or IC title, just from hon-holder to WWE champ.

    Sandow could bring great value to the IC title and a face-turn for Cody could see Sandow keep the belt and push cody into WWE champ territory, where he and wade can feud with the belt.

  • Robinson

    And FYI that fye sale isn’t on any new or ones on sale. So the new nWo and attitude era one don’t count 🙁

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I like the idea Nate has of bringing up Chris Hero to be paired with him. I love Sandow, and I like Rhodes, but they don’t need to be a team. They’re better off as singles wrestlers. In fact, I hope at either the Rumble or WrestleMania, Sandow wins the IC title. That’d be perfect for him. I got nothing against Wade Barrett personally, but I don’t want to see him beat Kofi. I’d much prefer Kofi drop it to Sandow.

  • nick-hulk

    why don’t the continue Rhode Scholars with Otunga, playing on his education. Win titles and hold on by any mean necsery, Then have Rhodes return kick Otunga out and then they have two possible ways forward. 1. The repackaging of Otunga and revenge on Rhode Scholars; 2. Damien turn on Cody, and Cody builds profile by one uping the tag champs and gets elevated to World/WHC level

  • Nate

    Sandow has great in-ring work. He really tells a story with his match, very vicious and incredibly animated. They could bring Chris Hero up to be his apprentice, he has similar viciousness in his wrestling style.

  • In fact, i would like Damien to “invade NXT” and beat several of them before the “nxt champ” avenges the rest of the roster.

  • ChrisDV

    That poor Spanish announce ta–
    *Is put through the Spanish announce table*

  • I need my intellectual savior to develop his ring-work, so i don’t mind him being the “carry-man” of a minor tag team. I love and respect the great intellectual savior, however i will be fair:

    his finisher is boring, just like shake, rattle & roll or any other “neckbreaker” finisher.

    most of his moves are drop toe holds, russian leg sweeps and forearms to the back. I would like to see him go the bret hart route and add some submissions to his game, and maybe a routine or 2:

    atomic drop -into german or belly-back suplex, into a “rear sub”.

    2 “slow subs” reminiscent of Dolphs sleeper. I would suggest a cross-face chicken wing. A second could be the yokozuna “vulcan death grip”.

    Damien Sandow needs the protection of a jobber-partner of some kind, and could develop a good character with it. Lets just hope he doesn’t settle for Big. E. Langston.

  • Jimbo

    @ice cream

    you are absolutely right, but WWE likes to hide these guys in tag teams….I mean why get someone young and talented to the main event when you can have a guy in his mid 40s who can barely move as the WHC?

  • Cropsy

    yeah the whole “team” thing is retarded.

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    Even though Rhodes Scholars (I refuse to type “Team”) are good, I think it would be for the best if they went back to being singles acts once Rhodes returns. For me the team feels like 2 singles wrestlers instead of one tag team. They are both potential main eventers, and the team wouldn’t last long anyway, so just let them shine individually.