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Backstage News on Daniel Bryan & Big Show, 2012 Extreme Rules Update, More

– WWE issued a press release on Thursday touting themselves as “Digital Company of the Year” after winning that award and 5 others in the 2011 Mashable Awards. As noted before, WWE had wins in the following Mashable categories:

• Digital Company of the Year: WWE
• Must Follow Brand on Social Media: WWE
• Must Follow Actor on Social Media: Dwayne “The Rock®” Johnson
• Must Follow Athlete on Social Media: John Cena®
• Game of the Year: THQ’s WWE ’12
• Best Social Good Cause Campaign: be a STAR

– The 2012 WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view will take place on April 29th. As noted before, the show will be held at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL.

– WWE officials have been discussing the idea of turning either Big Show or World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan heel. Sources indicate that they will likely go with Big Show, especially if a WrestleMania 28 match against Shaquille O’Neal is in the works.

Partial source:

  • JIR

    @JayHawk interesting read good job

  • LVW

    In order to have a good heel turn you need a good storyline to go with it. D Brian really doesn’t have a story you can use for a heel turn like the Big Show does. Plus he has the underdog type feel good story role that’s working for him currently.

  • JayHawk

    @kamala’s foot
    I was just trying to respond to someones comment I have a job and a life just wanted to list the facts but u probably don’t know them till know!!!!!!!

  • MLucero

    Why even have Extreme Rules anymore,there is nothing “extreme” about WWE these days. If they go back to being more edgy and not afraid to have them bleed then that ppv would be a good idea to keep around.

  • Kamala’s Foot


    Get a life and job. Too much free time.

  • JayHawk

    Couldn’t find out who has the most heel turns but found some wrestlmaina records and facts

    Most WrestleMania Matches:
    19 – The Undertaker

    Most WrestleMania Appearances:
    19 – The Undertaker

    Most Consecutive WrestleMania Appearances:
    12 – Bret Hart

    Heel & Face Turns

    Wrestlers to Make a Face Turn at WrestleMania:
    Brutus Beefcake (WM 3)
    Andre the Giant (WM 6)
    Randy Savage (WM 7)
    Steve Austin (WM 13)
    The Big Show (WM 15)
    Kane (WM 15)
    Trish Stratus (WM 17)

    Wrestlers to Make a Heel Turn at WrestleMania:
    Rick Martel (WM 5)
    Curt Hennig (WM 10)
    Bret Hart (WM 13)
    Triple H (WM 15)
    Steve Austin (WM 17)
    Trish Stratus (WM 20)

    Title Facts

    Only Wrestler to Win and Lose the Same Title at the Same WrestleMania (excluding the multiple Hardcore Title matches at WM 18):
    Yokozuna (WM9)

    Only Wrestler to Lose 2 Belts at the same WrestleMania:
    Kurt Angle (WM 16)

    Most World Title Victories (WWF, WWE & World Heavyweight Championship)
    3 – John Cena (WM 21,25,26)
    3 – The Undertaker (WM 13,23,24)
    3 – Steve Austin (WM 14,15,17)
    3 – Hulk Hogan (WM 5,7,9)

    Only man to win a World Title, a secondary title, and a tag team title at WrestleMania:
    No one has done this yet

    Only wrestlers to win a singles and tag team championship at WrestleMania:
    Yokozuna (WWF Championship 9; World Tag Team Championship 11)
    Christian (World Tag Team Championship 16/17; Hardcore 18)

    Only female to win a men’s championship at WrestleMania:
    Mighty Molly (Hardcore Championship 18)

    Only Tag Teams to Walk out as Champions at Consecutive WrestleMania Events:
    Demolition (WM 4,5,6)
    Money Inc. (WM 8,9)
    Edge & Christian (WM 16,17)

    Win/Loss Records

    Most WrestleMania Wins:
    19 – The Undertaker

    Most Consecutive WrestleMania Wins:
    19 – The Undertaker

    Most Wins at 1 WrestleMania:
    4 – Randy Savage (WM 4)

    Most WrestleMania Losses:
    8 – Big Show & Triple H

    Most Consecutive WrestleMania Losses:
    7 – Tito Santana

    Most Losses at 1 WrestleMania:
    2 – Kurt Angle (WM 16)

    Wrestlers That Have Won All of Their Matches at WrestleMania (min. 3 matches):
    Animal 3-0
    Ax 3-0
    Hawk 3-0
    Rob Van Dam 4-0
    Sable 3-0
    Undertaker 18-0

    Wrestlers to Never Win at WrestleMania (min. 3 matches):
    B Brian Blair 0-3
    Bart Gunn 0-3
    Bubba Ray Dudley 0-4
    Crush 0-4
    D-Lo Brown 0-3
    D-Von Dudley 0-4
    Finlay 0-4
    Goldust 0-5
    Jeff Hardy 0-5
    Jim Brunzell 0-3
    Jimmy Snuka 0-3
    Kama Mustafa (The Godfather/Goodfather) 0-3
    Koko B Ware 0-3
    Mark Henry 0-3
    MVP 0-4
    Raymond Rougeau 0-3
    Savio Vega 0-3
    Vince McMahon 0-4

    Wrestlers Placement on the Card

    Wrestler to Appear in the Most Final Matches at WrestleMania:
    8 – Hulk Hogan

    Wrestler to Appear in the Most Consecutive Final Matches at WrestleMania:
    5 – Hulk Hogan (WM 5 – 9)

    Wrestlers to be in the Final Match at Their First WrestleMania:
    Hulk Hogan (WM1)
    Mr. T (WM 1)
    Roddy Piper (WM 1)
    Paul Orndorff(WM1)
    Ted DiBiase (WM 4)
    Sgt. Slaughter (WM 7)
    Sid (WM 8)
    Yokozuna (WM 9)
    Lawrence Taylor (WM 11)
    Brock Lesnar (WM 19)

    Wrestler to Appear in the Most Opening Matches:
    3 – Shawn Michaels, Big Show, & Finlay

    Wrestler to Appear in the Most Consecutive Opening Matches:
    3 – Shawn Michaels (WM 7 – 9) & Finlay (WM 23 – 25)

    Only Wrestler to be in the Opening & Final Match at the Same WrestleMania:
    Bret Hart (WM10)

    Only Wrestler to go From the Final Match to the Opening Match the Next Year:
    Paul Orndorff (WM 1 & 2)

    Wrestlers to go From the First Match to the Last Match the Next Year:
    Chris Jericho (WM 17 & 18)
    Edge (WM 23 & 24)
    The Miz (WM 26 & 27)

    Wrestlers to be in Both an Opening & a Final Match at WrestleMania:
    Big Show
    Bret Hart
    Chris Jericho
    John Cena
    Paul Orndorff
    Randy Orton
    Shawn Michaels
    The Miz

  • Kamala’s Foot

    I hope Big Show turns heel. He’s been a face for almost two years straight.

  • Tyler(:

    Some guy said Show ‘jobs’ at WM?

    Yeah, I knew half the people on here didn’t understand wrestling terms.

  • chronoxiong

    Who holds the record for most heel and face turns in the WWE? Is it Kane? Or is it Big Show?

  • Big T

    Show needs to just be dominant, almost untouchable. He doesn’t need to be a heel or face. Make him almost untouchable to where people have to cheat or wrestle a perfect match to beat him. I’m sick of him looking weak.

  • SusyRko

    Watch out with the ties!

  • adam tarasievich

    I’d rather see bryan turn heel he would be mor inresting as a heel and it would be something we havent scene since he debuted with the nexus. He could even cut a promo like i had to try so hard to get back for the fans but it was because of all of you i was fired in the first place becasue i was trying to impress all of you and they say i went to far. Well guess what im the champ now so to all of you in the back snap or tap.

  • AUSTIN316

    I’d rather see D-Bry turn heel, there is still time to turn Show heel for WM, but we’ve seen the heel turn many times with show..

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Done to death. Kane an Show turn so frequently its crazy. Show has been a face since bein drafted to SD, droppin Miz And fueding wit SES but still come on he still swaps so much it makes no sense. i do find it funny that wwe’s definition for big guys who turn face mean they smile more often. Look at Sheamus, Henry, Show. They all smile an when they turn face