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Backstage News on Daniel Bryan and the SummerSlam Buyrate, WWE & Cruiserweights, More

– While he isn’t being used on WWE TV right now, Ricardo Rodriguez is headed to the UK for next week’s tapings. Vickie Guerrero isn’t working this weekend’s live events but is flying into the UK for next week’s TV tapings.

– WWE still has plans to use some of their smaller wrestlers on a cruiserweight type show when the WWE Network launches.

– While Daniel Bryan isn’t being fully blamed for the low WWE SummerSlam buyrate this year, there is a feeling within WWE, among upper management, that if he was a bigger guy then it would have been up.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • paul s

    Who hires these ppl. If d bry was bigger?? Did.the geniuses who came upwith that ever hear of arguably the greatest superstar of all time hbk???!?!? Theyre full of shit

  • Minstrel_Period

    Oh and they could also stop having the same 5 matches every PPV for 5 PPV’s straight in some capacity, with those exact same superstars working with one another on every raw and smackdown.

    this is reminiscent of the days when every match a guy had was either with his feud opponent or a jobber, and never real suspense.

    If anything, WWE’s handling of Daniel Bryan has made fans apathetic to their product, especially Randy Orton. And, fans are buying the Big Show right now, but everyone knows Show won’t get the belt. Hopefully he at least gets to shine a few times and move on to a feud where he wins.

  • Minstrel_Period

    how about if Randy Orton were more “manly” – or, if Randy Orton were 5 inches taller…

  • Matthew Farrell

    Because Ryback being in the main event did wonders for the ratings? WWE seems to be living in a self-deluded fantasy world.

  • Yes!3X

    i don’t understand how 1 wrestler can get the blame for a lower butyrate. Maybe just maybe its WWE’s fault for not doing a well enough job of promoting the show. Or maybe more people would’ve ordered the ppv if it had more than two high profile matches. They should be thanking Bryan. He put on what could be match of the year.

  • If he was a “bigger guy”? A) If they mean “more popular”, you can’t get too much more popular than he’s been lately. B) If they literally mean physically “BIGGER”, they are beyond retarded and beyond hope.

  • StocktonJoe

    IF WWE really wants to improve the buy rate on their PPVs, then they need to do SOMETHING so that there is a difference between an “any week” 3-hour RAW and a 45 to 55 dollar (depending on market and regular vs. hi-def) 3-hour PPV. Right now, the only difference is that RAW has commercials for things other than WWE and related products. I’m not even sure there are FEWER commercials on the PPVs.

  • Fang McFrost

    Daniel Bryan had been getting the biggest pops I’ve seen in a long time. Week in and week out.

    So it must be his fault.

  • JohnCena33

    Wow, really, what are the executives in WWE on, if he were a big guy sales would have been better, well maybe if you had a solid card all around it would have been better. Bryan being small has nothng to do with buyrates. What a joke, blame Bryan, maybe because Cena was in the event and most PPV buys come from hardcore fans, not kids, and those fans were tired of seeing Cena win and probably assumed Bryan would lose so didnt spend the moneyy, but blaming Bryan for low buys is a sad sad joke.

  • Ray Tran

    Summerslam buy rate was low because the PPV sucked hard.. WWE is a boring ass product…