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Backstage News on Daniel Bryan’s Return to Action, Will He Be Forced To Change His Style?

– Before WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan had neck surgery last Thursday, WWE was looking at the Money In the Bank pay-per-view on June 29th for his return but the latest word from within WWE is that he may not be back in time for that pay-per-view. WWE creative has been working on a new MITB card as a contingency plan in case Bryan isn’t back by then. SummerSlam in late August is said to be a worst case scenario. If Bryan doesn’t return at Money In the Bank, the next event would be Battleground on July 20th.

It’s said that this neck surgery may be the beginning of serious, long-term problems for Bryan. Several top stars from the past noted to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Bryan should start toning down his style.

We noted before that there was a lot of talk within WWE about Bryan changing his in-ring style when he returns. Some people have suggested that Bryan give up his missile dropkick, the diving headbutt and the topes because of the way he lands when doing them.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Eric Bichoff

    Daniel Bryan returns Action, Will He Be Forced To Change His Style?
    Confronts Damien Sandow and Daniel Bryan shaved his mustash & beard clean cut shave two like Daniel Bryan

  • Elvis Dolinski

    No! I believe he’s going to go to the ring with The Authority waiting for him. Stephanie talks about how Daniel Bryan is your champion, He has the heart of a Lion, the passion that started a movement. But like every movement it has to come to an end. Then Triple H talks about how Bryan is like a fungus that he wanted to get rid of, but with time it grew on him and after that Wrestlemania match he gained HHH’s respect. Daniel Bryan then say he will always a champion and then gives the Titles to The Authority. Only to have HHH give the World Heavyweight Championship back to Daniel Bryan and say: Here! Take this! You’ll always be a champion and thus retiring the World Heavyweight Championship Belt with Daniel Bryan. Boom!!!!

  • TheFizPop

    Get stripped, come back as heel blaming the bandwagonners for doing this to him. After all where were the bandwagonners back when Brian was pure technical, it takes for him to run around aimlessly, grow an ‘oh my GAWD’ beard basically dumbing himself down for the wwe market, for those idiots to start cheering him!

    Shave the beard, come back as a heel and tell these stupid sheeple exactly what they are! After all, what does being champion mean now anyways? Cena always going to be the guy, then reigns, all this crap has done is allow Brian to hold a prop.