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Backstage News on Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania Push, WWE Gives “Middle Finger” to Punk?

– When CM Punk first walked out on WWE and the idea of Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H at WrestleMania XXX began being discussed, people in every aspect of the company did not believe that Bryan would get pushed. Something changed over the past few weeks and that was CM Punk deciding not to come back to the company.

A number of people in WWE have gone from being silent and patient when Punk first walked out to having attitudes like, “how dare he not come back and be a part of WrestleMania.”

It’s insinuated within WWE that the “Yes Movement” angle with Daniel Bryan on Monday’s RAW and some of the verbiage used was meant to be a “middle finger” to Punk and an underlying message that “this could have been you but now it won’t be.”

Source: PWInsider

  • The point of being an “independent contractor”, is that you can quit at any time, and they can fire you at any time. You’re not technically an “employee”. You’re a contract worker. Wrestlers SHOULD be treated like employees, it would be better for them, and for the business. But they are not. WWF/E, and the business in general, have a long history of using and abusing their “stars”, and then casting them aside. So if a wrestler like CM Punk, or Stone Cold Steve Austin, gets burnt out or fed up with the backstage bullsh*t, then more power to them. Obviously it must mean in some sense that WWE isn’t living up to/fulfilling their end of the bargain either.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Who cares about CM Punk he is gone get over it. It Bryan time to shine. This may have been WWE gold to some how some way have Daniel Bryan be holding the WWE/World title at the end of Wrestlmania. No maybe he was suppose to face HHH at Wrestlmania at first but I knew as a wrestling fan some how some way Bryan was going to be there with the title in the end. But Punk he is gone I hold no bitter feeling nor do I care he is gone. He not the first big name wrestler to walk out on the WWE nor will he be the last. WWE has a long history of walk out and somebody always comes up to the plate with the beginning of a new era. To me the Punk era is done was it a long one well he did make history by being one of the longest rating WWE champion in a while. But it is Bryan time what happen on Raw was about Daniel Bryan it has nothing to do with CM Punk. CM Punk has move on time for his fans to do the same.

  • Irishrhyno

    I somewhat agree with what you said,I like Punk and I too would like an 100% fit Punk back in the company but this isnt like he has years remaining on his contract he is meant to have what,6 months? Could he not stick around for the fans? (This part is just opinion) the whole ‘the company is going in a bad direction’ argument,while accurate, is stupid.The company was in a bad place at the start of Punk’s title reign,which was terrible from the start up until Y2J/Punk started & 1 promo w/ Johnny Ace in the middle was the only good thing,and I dont remember anything about him being pissed off about it.
    My problem with Punk isnt so much that he acted like a baby,because you have to look out for yourself, but he couldnt stay around for the fans for 3-6 months?

  • D2K

    WWE fires people while “under contract.” I guess they aren’t acting like grown people either. Even if he wasn’t, it’s still no one else’s business what he does with HIS life. The people criticizing him wouldn’t take kindly to CM Punk coming over their house and telling them how to run THEIR business.
    The main reason why people are so wrapped up in celebrities lives is because they don’t have lives of their own.

    So what that he left? BFD. Punk at home allows someone else to step in and get into the spotlight. One day he may come back fully healed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so that he can perform at the highest level. I want 100% Punk, not 42% Punk. Let dude go home and take care of himself. He deserves a break and when you body says NO it means NO. No one person complaining is ready to pay nary a bill at Phil Brooks house and take care of him if he has a physical or mental breakdown.

    I was in the EXACT same situation that he was in just a few months ago so I understand totally what he is going through. I met with my supervisors just like he did, voiced my concerns about the direction of the company just like he did, told them that I could not physically and mentally handle the stress of the job any longer. I asked if I could be transferred to another department and they said no other position were available. So I told them that I would have to go. The repeatedly tried to get me to stay but my mind was made up, however I left on good terms because I told them this situation before hand, just like Punk did.

    This is not like Austin where he left the show just hours before going on the air without telling anyone, got on a plane, and left for Texas. Punk did not “walk off the job.” He quit (allegedly) after a LONG meeting with Vince McMahon. They obviously agreed to disagree because it they agreed then Punk would be on TV. If Punk “walked out” like Austin did and everyone is accusing him of then WWE would have wasted no time in saying so because that is what they do. The only public thing WWE has officially said to my knowledge is Vince McMahon saying to his investors, “He’s taking a sabbatical.” I have this bad habit of using common sense and that tells me that either this is a work, or Punk and Vince mutually agreed to part ways for now until Punk gets himself together.

  • Irishrhyno

    Punk walked out while he was under contract I wouldnt call him a grown man,at least he isnt acting like one.

  • What a steaming pile of absolutely bullsh*t. If you buy that, you’re a moron, plain and simple. There was no way that CM Punk was going to get “pushed” as hard as they are pushing Daniel Bryan. There is no way that they would have put him in the main event of WM. Just no way. Punk is very popular with fans, but as he himself said, it’s Bryan’s time right now. He thought Bryan should have won the RR and main evented WM. That doesn’t mean he didn’t also desire to do so. But he supports Bryan fully, so if anything, he’d be very HAPPY about where all this is (finally) going. If Bryan wins the title at WM to close the show, no one on earth would likely be happier about that than CM Punk. So the joke’s on you, “IWC”, because even if this BS story is remotely true, pushing Bryan is in no way a “middle finger” to Punk.

  • D2K

    Not to say that Bryan/HHH won’t be epic as well, but I get what you are saying.

  • D2K

    These kind of reports do nothing more than either re-affirm my belief that this is a massive troll-job, or that CM Punk had every right to leave.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Good, because I wouldn’t want to waist my time watching such an awesome and great match between Punk vs Triple H…..

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    whatever, they made their bed by giving HHH’s buddies the Wrestlemania spot, they can’t pull a stunt and then get all pissy when something like this happens.

  • D2K

    Yeah, how dare a grown man not do what YOU want him to do simply because YOU want him to do it.


  • john