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Backstage News on Dixie Carter’s Recent TNA Talent Meeting Before the Impact Tapings

– TNA President Dixie Carter spoke to talents prior to Thursday’s Impact Wrestling tapings about possibly continuing with their budget cuts. Also in attendance were Jeff Jarrett, TNA CFO Dean Broadhead and EVP Andy Barton.

Dixie noted that one of the reasons for the cuts and restructuring were how much money they spent taping all the One Night Only pay-per-views earlier this year. These shows were pre-recorded in place of the eight pay-per-views that TNA cut from their annual schedule, in order to save money.

New Executive Vice President of Television Production John Gaburick received strong praise within the locker room. Talents acknowledged the more positive vibe with Gaburick compared to when recently released executive Bruce Prichard was in that role.


  • poko

    Massive difference in funding and media exposure, and you know it. Nothing will ever come close to WWE without major support from one of the larger broadcasting groups. That’s simple truth, not an argument constructed on hypotheticals. If the WCW had been on Spike, the Monday Night Wars would never have happened.

  • CC

    Yeah cause WCW wasnt only around a few years under Turner backing when it nearly took WWE down was it.
    TNA has major backing as well, only difference is that Panda obviously has no confidence in TNA as a money spinner, so it wont increase their budget, and the main reason for that is that TNA has given them no reason to think that it will ever be any bigger.

  • poko

    Wow, over a decade and not on par with the WWE yet? That’s crazy. So what if the WWE has 50 years on them and was the biggest promotion even before TNA was formed. You’d think it would be easy.

  • CC

    I was pretty much thinking the same thing. They did it to save money, yet have ended up worse off. Someone needs to do some proper book keeping I think.

  • TNA is a lost cause. If they were going to get on par with WWE, even remotely, they would have done it by now, they’ve existed for over a decade. Instead of wasting money on Hogan, Hardy, Angle, Sting, etc. even though those guys all deserve their props, especially Sting, they could have been actually building YOUNG guys that matter all this time. Instead of putting the belt on the Beer Money guys, who are NOT draws solo, they could have been keeping guys like Christopher Daniels (who it’s a crime he has never been TNA Champion), Samoa Joe, Elijah Burke, Mr. Anderson, etc. hot, but they’ve let them all cool off/wasted their talents, instead pushing the same old guys. I commend them for taking a chance on pushing “Bully Ray” as champion, but really, when guys like Heyman and Cornette say “push the young guys”, they’re right. And NOT guys like Matt Morgan, or other big, buff Vince McMahon type guys.

    To think that they had talents like CM Punk, Ron Killings, Low Ki, etc. on their roster at one time, and failed to really push them more than they did…’s laughable. That has been their biggest failure all these years…..if it wasn’t pushing Jeff Jarret, it was bringing in Hall and Nash and Sting and Steiner and Booker T and Angle and Hardy and Flair and Hogan, all these old wrestlers, being WCW 2.0. The only young guy they’ve ever really treated like anything, was AJ Styles, and even him they run hot and cold with. Abyss, sure, he’s had his moments. But the amount of young talent they’ve wasted is pathetic. If they wanted to try and get on par with WWE, that’s what they needed to do, and they’re still to this day failing to build their company around the young guys.

    So whatever, honestly.

  • Solid

    So wait, they taped the one night only’s to save money but spent more money on them than they intended and more than the 8 PPV’s they cut and are now cutting people are a result of their incompetence / poor planning? Is it just me or does it sound like a bunch of crap to anyone else?

    More crap from Dixie’s mouth, does nothing more than confuse people.