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Backstage News on Edge’s WWE Status and Contract Negotiations

– Edge’s WWE contract expires at the end of April, not on May 1st. WWE officials are attempting to re-sign Edge to a new deal and are not happy that the news got out of his current deal expiring.

A WWE source claims that there have been financial contractual issues and WWE may have “underestimated” that Edge would just sign any offer they made. WWE are looking to sign Edge to more than a “Legends” deal – a completely new contract which would have him go through WWE headquarters for any outside deals – similar to what Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley signed under.

Source: PWInsider

  • Jason

    hornswoggler from the chocolate factory so by your logic Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, HHH, RVD, Luger, Stone Cold, HBK, Y2J and others are not WWE home grown talent because they worked somewhere else before?

    Retarded logic is retarded logic my friend.

  • RaTeD R

    lol lol lol, sorry too many lol’s but its just the thought of Edge going to TNA, and the fact that ppl on here considered that he would do such a thing lol

  • SheepDog

    tbf, vkm would be more concerned if edge wernt retired through injury, as people know, if you are only valued to vince by how much you can do for him, not whats best for talent

  • Best In The World

    jason. garret bischoff is not talent not at all he is gawd awful magnus is only getting pushed cause hes joes partner if aj was being pushed he would be world champ witch he should be

  • Wait… Magnus? I haven’t seen that dude for a long, long time. Great way to push him, TNA.

  • wildeye

    Edge wold never stab WWE in the back to go for another organization. as TNA is concerned they seem to be pushing Bubba Ray, Devon, Matt Morgan, RVD, Mr Anderson, and Jeff Hardy. They didnt start in TNA.They also keep using Ric Flair, and Sting. Seems like TNA is turning into WCW for sure.

  • Reverse prince albert

    LOL @ jason saying Garret is talent

  • Gorilla


  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    Austin Aries and Joe arent homegrown talents…they wrestled for ROH long before they came to tna wrestling… get your facts straight.

  • Jason

    Home grown talent we are pushing.

    AJ Styles
    Bobby Roode
    James Storm
    Austin Aries
    Garett Bischoff

    and a few others

    You marks don’t even watch TNA so fuck off


    @Jason, you still haven’t woken up from that dream you in. You must lack attention, so you come to this site and enjoy all the “bad” reactions everyone gives you? Get a life ya-airy!

  • Best In The World

    @ jason edge is better then half the guys in the locker room for tna you say hall of fame is a joke wow wheres tnas? oh they dont have the money to do one to show who paid the way for young talent like people that are in the hall of fame

  • Skip

    The chances of Edge going to TNA are about the same as Gorilla learning the English language.

  • Gman

    @Jason your an idiot. Pushing home grown talent my ass oh unless you mean Bischoffs son.

  • Jason

    If Edge could still go in the ring then we would take him and in no way would it tarnish his HOF career. (WWE HOF is a joke) But as it stands he would really bring nothing to the table for us at TNA and for the next few years we are going to be pushing all of our home grown talent, so ex WWE stars besides maybe Masters and a few others mean very little to us.

  • Gman

    Why would Edge tarnish his HOF career by going to TNA? @Shawn your an idiot.

  • Gorilla

    He can’t wrestle no more he sucks at acting he can’t do commentary for matches so what is it worth paying him to stay if he went tna and even could wrestle there ratings would not change tna only could compete by singing The Rock or Cena which will never happen

  • CC

    Its a completely new deal, even though its the same as the ones Foley and Michaels have … then its not a completely new deal then is it, you fucking idiot Middleton.

  • Shawn

    Maybe Edge can go to TNA. I mean, sure, he’s injured, but look at Hogan….. he wrestled or, well, at least got in the ring and moved a little. Edge can do that still. Maybe he could be Commissioner of Impact (or whatever they call the GM there). Hell, he could bring back a memorable stable like Fortune or Immortal! The possibilities are ENDLESS!