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Backstage News on Eve Torres Leaving WWE

– Eve Torres actually went to Vince McMahon about a month ago and made it known that she was planning on leaving WWE.

They agreed to have her work however long the storyline with Kaitlyn took and it was expected internally that she would be around until the Royal Rumble.

The decision was made this past week to have the match on RAW and Eve is officially done with the company now.

Eve will now be the new face of the Gracie Academy’s “Women Empowered” brand that she has been working on while with WWE.


  • Matt Trovato

    I thought it was a type of women’s self-defense?

  • bearone7777

    See what she is going to be doing?? It is a real conflict with what the WEE–WWE does, GRACIE is “REAL” fighting, not gimmick fighting.

  • poko

    Eve was never a very good performer in the ring but she did try hard, wasn’t afraid of bumps, and she was one of the better of the recent Divas in terms of acting ability. I’ll miss her for her backstage work more than anything.

    However, it’s past time the WWE realized that training up women who don’t really want to be wrestlers in the first place is a waste of resources. You’ve got women out there who want to be wrestlers so badly that they pay for their own training and are happy to scrape by bouncing between Mexico, Japan, and the indies in the US. Maybe give them a look?

  • CC

    I wouldnt say she has been around a long time. What was it, 07 or 08 when she debuted? Natalya and Alicia have been around a similar amount of time as well, and even the likes if Kaitlyn and AJ have been knocking around since 2010. I think Layla is currently the longest serving diva now as she came around about a year or so before Eve.
    The problem isnt how long she has been around anyway, its about how shallow the diva pool is at the moment. In recent years WWE has had one of its biggest diva rosters ever, yet now we seem to be slipping back into the days of only a handful on the roster.

  • Matt Trovato

    She’s one of the last divas that have been around for a long time now, so it’s sad to see her go.

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