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Backstage News on Fandango’s Push, Jericho and Henry’s WWE Futures

– Fandango is getting a spot on WrestleMania 29 because the character is Vince McMahon’s new pet project. Vince is said to be a big fan of the gimmick and the arrogance that comes with it. The idea at WrestleMania 29 is for Chris Jericho to make the Fandango character stronger. Vince is really behind the success of Fandango.

Regarding Jericho’s WWE status, the two sides are talking about what he will be doing with them in the future. He was originally scheduled to finish up at WrestleMania. The belief within WWE is that Jericho and WWE will continue to have a part-time relationship.

– There has also been talk about Mark Henry leaving WWE after WrestleMania 29. Word now is that WWE and Henry are on the same page. Officials are very happy with Henry’s work since returning and he will most likely staying with the company.

Source: PWInsider

  • Centerfold Skye

    The Fandango gimmick is not a winner. Vince is trying to relive the 80’s stuff and that ain’t gonna fly with the fans.

  • king god hades

    if they’re taking this long to debut him i highly doubt they would do that and plus he’s having a match with cj who can make a paper bag look good

  • Solid

    no fandango 😛

  • Scooter

    I still wonder when he’s getting his title shot he earned by winning NXT?

  • Johhny

    disco fever yea yea yea..he’s so cocky he’s so…i didnt even think about him .

  • poko

    I miss Disco Inferno.

  • king god hades

    who henry

  • CC

    WWE are happy with Henry’s work since returning? Wasnt it only a few days ago this site was saying that they were not happy with the matches between him and Ryback? Takes two people to have a shitty match.

  • Solid

    I give it a couple PPV’s and he’s gone for re packaging.