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Backstage News on the FCW Divas, HHH High on McGillicutty, Austin at RAW?

– Triple H is reportedly high on Michael McGillicutty with the thinking that he’s a potential star.

– There is still no word on whether or not Steve Austin will be appearing on the 1,000th RAW episode. A source says that if Austin can get away from filming Grown Ups 2 then he may appear on RAW but when the date was first announced and brought up to him, there was a conflict.

– Of all the Divas in WWE developmental, the ones getting strong reviews are Raquel Diaz (Shaul Guerrero), Paige (Britani Knight) and Sofia Cortez (Ivelisse Vélez).

Paige and Sofia are better than most Divas on the main roster and given Paige’s age and in-ring ability, the feeling is that she has the potential to be the star worker in WWE’s women’s division down the line. Regarding Diaz, the feeling is that she has great charisma and potential to be one of the best female talkers but her in-ring work is not ready.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • sammy

    stone cold is always a tough person to work with.

  • Tyler(:

    I saw Britani Knight at an WAW Show in Norwich last year, awesome she’s working for these now.

    It’s a fucking ring name, let it fucking go.

  • john

    austin needs to be there! he basically caused the attitude era! he’s a legend and he should be RAW’s GM ( permanent )

  • Vanilla Thriller

    Yofits you are a douchebag and thats the bottom line.

  • yofits

    austin SOLD OUT on the fans.

    he came back in 2003 as co-GM, but left because of his SELFISHNESS.

    and what has he been doing ever since? coming back once in a while as a special guest referee.

    SELL OUT austin.

  • Bill

    I’d love to see Triple H work with young stars like McGillicutty or Bray Wyatt down the line, similar to how he did with Orton & Batista. He could really put them both over big time if he wanted to.

  • B

    Voice of reason – if you’re in the UK you can watch the documentary here: If you’re outside the UK it’s here:

  • poko

    Britani Knight should eventually become a star. They’d have to mess up really badly to keep that from happening. Not that the WWE isn’t capable of messing up a Diva’s career, they clearly have a knack for that.

  • rko

    Ivelisse is hot. Can’t wait to see her when she hits the bigs.

  • voice of reason

    hey guys what is the full name of this doco so i track it down

  • scooter

    Honestly the part they never showed you on the documentary was the difference in attitude Zaks a bit of a cunt in real life and routinely kicks the shit out of young workers just for fun where as britani is the ultimate professional and just an absolute sweetheart of a girl.

  • SYM

    I got high on Mcguillicuty once.

  • Shawn

    Change his name back to Hennig and yes, you have a star. The guy has everything, but the only thing holding him back is his stupid WWE name. Just give him back his damn family name. If ‘trademark’ issues are the only problem, just call him Michael Hennig! You can trademark that. Stupid WWE.

  • philly655

    That documentary was wicked, and yeah paige looked really hot. Sort of goth look, nice

  • Barrett Kidd

    paige was on british channel 4 in a documentary about her family as she is part of the knight dynasty.. her family has wrestled in england for years.. her brothers tried out previously for wwe. the older bro go a criminal record so wont touch him and the youngest male had a tryout, they told him to buff up and like 2 weeks before his 2nd tryout he popped his knee working a shitty house show in front of like 12 people… dunno if he’s since made it… Zak Zodiak i believe is his ring name… Paige was really good though… Very hot too which obviously helps 🙂

  • sam

    like many others here have said Austin needs to be there, it wouldnt feel right without having the biggest star of the attitude era

  • xXx

    it wont be raw 1000 if austin’s not there..

    with the diva’s, britani knight has the skill set and looks, i’m just waiting for wwe to screw it up. again.

  • john

    when austin comes back i hope the following words comes out his mouth ” if you want stone cold steve austin as your permanent RAW GM give me a hell yeah” HELL YEAH!!!

  • mark

    Austin needs to be there

  • Devil_Rising

    That’s great. Maybe he’ll be “high enough” on him, to allow him to go by JOE HENNIG, and actually honor his father and grandfather. If Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes can do it, why not Joe Hennig?