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Backstage News on the Finish for Ryback vs. CM Punk

– According to a new report from, WWE officials have decided on a finish for Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title at Sunday’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view but the source adds that it could change between now and then.

At one point, CM Punk was scheduled to win the match. The feeling was that of Ryback being undefeated and Punk’s run as WWE Champion, Punk’s streak is more important in the sense that they’re building to WrestleMania season with Punk, The Rock and John Cena. Punk going into the Royal Rumble as WWE Champion for one year will be better than him going into the pay-per-view after trading the title with Ryback just months earlier.

It’s believed that breaking Ryback’s streak isn’t the best thing for him but his run has never been built around being undefeated anyway. There’s a feeling that if Ryback loses at Hell In a Cell, as long as they go right back to pushing him super strong and have him run through everyone, he can be rehabbed.

It should noted that the source reported that the finish to the match had been changed again before being decided on. Meaning that both Ryback and Punk at one point have been penciled in as winning within the last four days. Word is that regardless of what happens at Hell In a Cell, Punk will be the WWE Champion going into his match with The Rock at Royal Rumble.


  • batesy boy

    no real news at all then

  • LVW

    They could pull the old double pin routine again.

  • edo

    Shell Shock and the pin for the win after 14 minutes. Ryback is the New WWE Champion. The Cage is raised and the Ryback celebrates with the belt, BUT… Charles Robison has just realized that Punks foot was under the ropes.

    He has ordered to lower the cage again. He tells Ryback to give back the title but Ryback is frustrated and breakes the horrible toy strap in a million pieces.

    Ryback chases Punk all over the ring, bur Punk tricks Ryback in too hitting himself in a turnbucle and manages to get out of the cage before its completlly lowerd. Ryback has been left trapt inside the cage. What now, Punk is looking for… No, Punk is leaving, Ryback is trying to break the cage but theres noting else to do. Theres no one to figth, there no DQ in HIAC, and we have no more time left… Thanks for watching, see u at RAW…

  • CM Mark

    Sounds good to me. Looks like Chrissy was worng again…lol.

  • what?

    Champion has the credibility of CM Punk hahaha yeah right

  • Jay hawk

    Just have someone like scenario or brock interfere like they did with Shawn vs taker and end the match with no real winner or loser

  • Tom


    It’s hell in a cell bud, so the rules are irrelevant, but you should seriously think about a career as a pro wrestling booker.

  • tdchristian

    I have an idea where neither Punk nor Ryback loses the push they’re currently getting. Ryback beats up Punk for most of the match, then Punk deliberately (in full view of the ref) hits Ryback with a “low blow”. The ref would call the match for Ryback , he would win the match, but not the belt (thus keeping his streak in tact) and Punk keeps the belt. It’s not a finish I would like to see, but WWE isn’t necessarily known for giving the fans great finishes.

  • There’s a possibility that ryback could win and lose it at tlc back to punk or someone will replace by attacking him in back of the head.and ziggler could be replacement and beat punk I believ e dolph will walk out with the world or wwe title.

  • Cboz78

    Do what ADR did last year. Hit Ryback in the head with a pipe or weapon of sorts.

  • mabry

    Triple threat for Wrestlemania????, not a bad idea, in the main event, try to equal HHH-HBK-Benoit. The bad thing is that Cena is gonna win the belt at Mania no matter what the match actually is…

  • ashterk

    Yeah I agree nothing wrong with losing to the wwe champion. Its not like losing to Punk is gonna push him into a hole he couldn’t get out of. He will lose some momentum but not all of it. I just wonder how the finish will go depending on if they keep this finish.

  • Best In The World

    Punk was gonna win all along

  • Automattic

    They should be fine. There’s nothing weak about losing to the WWE Champion in the main event, especially when that Champion has the credibility of CM Punk. Just make it a good back and forth match with enough scares that make it look like Ryback could win. Possibly have Punk be a little underhanded. Then both guys come out looking great.

  • xXx

    super strong? really middleton?


    it doesnt matter what will happen at the end THE ROCK will win……….

  • Stumpy

    Jeff – Unfortunately, you are right. I don’t mind Punk being the champion, in fact I like the longevity of it and the fact that it’s not changing hands every other PPV like before. I just wish they would remove SuperCena from the title picture for those few months. He’s stale and boring now and has been for a long time. If Ryback was the champ, unless they do a heel turn for Cena, it would definitely take him out of the picture with Punk battling Ryback to get his belt back up until right before the Rumble.

  • Jeff

    Punk has to win this match. It makes no sense to take the title off of Punk just to save the streak. We are 2 months away from the Rumble and having this title reign last until then is the only way to go.