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Backstage News on Goldberg’s Talks with WWE, Who Called Him?, What He Wants to Return

– Bill Goldberg was at the C4 Comic Con in Winnipeg a few weeks back and was asked about appearing at WWE’s WrestleMania XXX. He said Triple H has called him and they have talked but there’s no deal in place.

Goldberg said he is open to coming back and would like his son to see him wrestle once but he would only do it for the right price. He said he would never call WWE and ask to come back, and that the ball is in their court and they know what they have to do to get him to return. A WWE source says Goldberg’s financial demands were very significant.

Goldberg added that WWE did try to push him on the “think of the pop you’ll get” idea but he said from his point of view, they are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to negotiating tactics.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I see your point but the PPV buys and ratings were only effected with Lesnars return and that was it. And I don’t think UFC fans are gonna waste their time with WWE, plus Lesnar was seen as more of a joke in the MMA world so I doubt he has many fans.

  • Jason Lentini

    Granted I can see issues about money but people that havent been in the sport for years dont necessarily deserve a huge one or few off pay day. Goldberg and Lesnar were around for 8 years each.(Lesnar sporadically since 2012 and Goldberg how long ?) so nah I dont think the money spent is well worth it.

    Give spots to others who have either busted their asses and earned the spot or up & comers whom could benefit from the exposure and possibly become the REAL next big thing as opposed to the next big flash in the pan..

  • rabid

    No it doesnt .. possibly the first few times but by now if they havent they won’t .. the first match with goldberg in 10 years would draw. Goldbergs brand alone reaches farther than lesnars and i bet goldberlg wouldnt have the wwe give ad space on his shirts to jimmy johns..besides he know what lesnar and rock bring in for a part time basis why wouldnt he want to hold out for a piece of that knoing that fans are still chanting his name asking him constantly when/ if hes gonna return and how much the dvd collection brought in WITHOUT even a interview with him..

  • Ray Myer

    Saying Goldberg can’t wrestle is hilarious. He had a deeper moveset than guys like Cena and Lesnar. And Godlberg has a HUGE following from his dealings in automaking and auto-auctions, as well as three television shows he hosts, -AND- his WCW fanbase. I think you’re way off on Lesnar having more fans.

  • eamonn h

    Dont see that all all, well except the plant they had there when he first return and as for wrestling christ most of his matches have being brawls not wrestling

  • crocop

    kane vs goldberg,hogan vs warrior,sting vs taker ston cold vs HBK,rock vs lesnar,cena vs orton,punk vs deniel b.

  • JAckh45

    Okay, I understand how good Goldberg was… but does that mean he will even be 1/2 of his awesomeness now?
    Isn’t it a little cocky of him wanting top dollar?
    He’s older now… and out of shape, I couldn’t see him JackHammering Bigshow like he used to be able too. Also, is he even still conditioned? Could he last a 20+ min match at Mania?
    Again there is too many “maybes” surrounding Goldberg.
    However, I’d love to see him back, Even if its for a short time

  • CC

    Nah. The fact that Lesnar potentially brings in extra fans from UFC means that his actual value is worth more to WWE and their sponsors. Despite as few films here and there, Goldberg isnt anywhere near as well known as Lesnar.
    Plus Lesnar can actually wrestle.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I personally feel Goldberg deserves it more than Lesnar IMO.

  • d_pooch

    LOL! As if “the pop” makes it all worth it at any price! WWE likes to act as though they don’t have deep pockets. I would think they’d have to start around at least $1 million for a guy like Goldberg to do a Mania build up and match.