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Backstage News on Heyman-Punk, Update on RAW Changes, Austin

– Steve Austin has signed over 35,000 copies of the Austin 3:16 edition of WWE’ 13 and they are having him do more.

– We noted before that there were several script changes at Monday’s RAW. There were so many re-writes that officials were printing out the final script of the show after it had already went on the air.

– The decision to put Paul Heyman and CM Punk together actually came together within the past few weeks. Officials wanted something to put Punk over the top as the top heel where he wouldn’t end up getting cheered by the fans.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Austin

    Shawn, that’s Tangs point, you’re drunk.

  • Shawn

    Yeah, because that makes sense.

    That really sounds like boo-ing to me.

  • tang


    No. True WRESTLING fans will give CM Punk the respect of booing him because as he and several great wrestlers have said, when playing a heel it is more gratifying to be boo’d so you know youre doing your job right than cheered because some smark thinks it makes him cool

  • Don

    want me to Boo CM Punk? Make him do cheap pops, 5 moves and more important than the WWE title….

  • Aiden1990

    True WRESTLING fans will cheer punk still and then you add heyman to the mix well I’m only going the cheer louder