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WrestleMania XXX News – Hulk Hogan’s Role, Daniel Bryan’s Match & Lita Note

– Former WWE Diva Lita shot footage for CMT’s new Tattoo Titans show that premieres on February 13th. Here’s a photo from last night:

Lita Tattoo Titans

– confirms the recent report from PWInsider that Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan is currently planned for WrestleMania XXX.

– Hulk Hogan is confirmed to appear at WrestleMania XXX but exactly what he will be doing is still up in the air. We noted before that Hogan was examined by WWE doctors and the decision was made to not book Hogan in any physical role. Hogan can’t even be allowed to stand there and throw punches, let alone do a big boot or a leg drop.

Partial source:

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I agree. Hogan lost all his credibility years and years ago (and NO Austin was much MUCH bigger than Hogan despite what the moron under my comment says). Hogan gives nothing to the WWE this time around and any time around for the past couple times he’s come back. It’s pointless, I’d rather they go find other former superstars instead of relying on this cripple that helped destroy TNA.

  • No, the world doesn’t revolve around Hogan, but having the WWF/E’s biggest star (yes, he was bigger in his time than Austin regardless of what many try to claim), and certainly the biggest star of Wrestlemania in general, on their 30th WM show, even if just to make an appearance, works. And people pay money to see Hulk Hogan. His name being on the marquee ensures sales that might not otherwise have been there.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Well if he has no use why have him there? Sorry but this nostalgic act doesn’t wash with me. if he could do a match then great, BUT he can’t, so just keep him well away. The world doesn’t revolve around Hogan & there are other options…

    Im just saying

  • d_pooch

    Get Hogan in Piper’s Pit with Steve Austin. That should do it.