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Backstage News on Jeff Jarrett, Neal Update, RVD’s Birthday, Hogan Movie

– Hulk Hogan’s 1996 movie “Santa With Muscles” has been ranked #5 on Fandango’s Worst Christmas Movies of All-Time list.

– Rob Van Dam turns 41 years old today.

– Former TNA star Jesse Neal is now taking bookings through Stephanie Melvin at

– The backstage segments from this past Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling with Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett and Sting have received rave reviews. Regarding Jeff Jarrett being involved in some of TNA’s better content this year, it’s because he essentially books most of his own segments and programs. Jarrett will be out of the TNA storylines for a few months as he is heading up TNA’s new project in India.

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  • Stevie P

    You ever notice that Jarrett is never the star unless it’s him or his dad in charge? There is a very good reason for that.

  • Nooch

    Where are these great promos and matches that you speak of? I’ve never heard Jarrett say anything interesting and Ive never seen him wrestle a better than average match.

  • MJ

    Chris E you do realize that Jeff jarrett is an overrated piece of midcard shit! He’s never been a top star and in my eyes he’ll never will be. Look at his last run in WWF he lost to a women! He went to WCW and was called the chosen one looking like a midcarder facing people who could draw like hogan, sting, and others who are bigger stars then him.

    Then he goes a makes TNA. Makes himself the world champion multiple times! Oh and for the samoa joe’s, AJ styles, beer money, austin aries that he brought to national tv he also brought in former wwe names and bury those people that you named.

    Dont believe me? AJ styles held the TNA world championship the longest anyone has ever held it in 2009 and in 2010 RVD made his debut then 2 weeks later he beats AJ styles the guy who people call the face of the company gets jobbed out to a lazy ass stoner that is doing bothing but getting a paycheck from the company!

    While AJ styles for the past year has been jobbed by tommy dreamer, bully ray, rvd, gunner, hell its no wonder people see him as a midcarder he gets treated like one!

    The day Jeff jarrett is in the hall of fame is the day where they make a hall of fame for the most overrated, vince russo ass muching, midcard piece of shit!

  • RVD is too old and slow now, very sloppy, hope he dies before the next PPV.

  • Bastion boogeyman

    RVD is probably selling drugs to kids as we speak.

  • hbk fan

    Choke on that slap nuts

  • Chris E.

    Man, Jarrett gets 0 respect. The guy has been wrestling since 1986. A 26 year career. A second generation wrestler with too many title wins to count. Cuts brilliant promos, and can switch from heel to face at the drop of a dime. Co-founded a promotion that brings awesome talent like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Beer Money, Austin Aries to National television. The guy should be in the wrestling Hall of fame NOW, and not after retirement. The guy can still go, and can put on matches better than guys half his age. I know my rant wont change anyone’ mind, but Jarrett is a top performer and should be treated as such.

  • jay-are

    jarrett should fire himself cause he sucks!!

  • Valo487

    Jarrett books his own segments? There’s a shocking reveal.