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Backstage News on Why Jesse Neal Is Leaving TNA

– It has been confirmed that Jesse Neal is on his way out of TNA.

As part of TNA’s new relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling, they have been approaching talents who don’t regularly appear on TV and asking them to relocate to Kentucky to train at OVW.

Neal turned down the request and will be leaving soon.

Source: PWInsider

  • Soulshroude

    Put the focus on Matt and Crimson, take the focus off ink inc… leads to everyone forgetting about certain factions in the tag team division. Divide and conquer as the old saying goes. People are so easily manipulated.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Who is Jessie Neal and what is a TNA?

  • stockshark

    HAHAHAHA The Rock-n-Roll Express you use them as an example damn RIck your doing some reaching their arent you! They tried to make Ricky Morton a singles wrestler (Richard Morton with Terri AKA The York Foundation) and look how that worked out! Learn you history lil boy!

  • CC

    @Jackson … you idiot, you just dont get the point do you.
    The Rockers were not together for five minutes before they split up.
    Ditto for E&C or The Hardys etc. No tag team in TNA has any degree of longetivity, and much like WWE, its not about splitting up one tag team, its about splitting up all the tag teams.

  • venom

    Looks like Neal will pushing shopping karts at Walmart.

  • @jackson FYI, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express are still together and they have been around far longer than Shawn Michaels and Marty Janetty.

  • jackson

    Whatever CC. By that logic The Rockers should still be together.

  • CC

    the funny thing is, one of the defence points of TNA fans in recent years is how much TNA cares about the tag division more than WWE .. coulda fooled me.
    I mean, hows things working out for Beer Money?

  • josh

    who cares, neal was garbage anyway. crimson and matt morgan should be gone too

  • adam

    So there not really going to use OVW to get new talent there more using it send there talent they dont use somewere besides a potential wwe signing. Not that wwe would sign neal or anyone other then a big name. It kind of stinks though because i liked the team of Ink Inc and now that kind of made the story and rivalry they were building with mexican america vs ink inc dead pretty much. But makes sense why they didnt win the titles still doesnt make sene as to why mexican america didnt keep the titles instead of giving them to crimson and morgan. Looks like tna’s tag division isnt as good anymore. I mean no more dudleys motor city machine guns are still on the sideline because of sabins injury and Ink Inc is gone.

  • shady aftermath

    tna should hire the reno scum

  • venom

    Back to using food stamps.