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More Backstage News on Jim Ross Retiring from WWE, Will WWE Still Sell His BBQ Products?

– PWInsider has confirmed earlier reports that Jim Ross retiring from WWE was mostly a Vince McMahon decision and at least partially had to do with his behavior during SummerSlam weekend at the 2K14 panel. Ross retiring is actually WWE’s way of announcing that he had been let go without causing any major uproar among fans since Ross is so beloved. This way, Ross could leave the company as a hero who left on his own.

As noted, the decision was made by Vince and Ross was informed in the past two days or so. Ross has already received one major offer to sit down and record a shoot interview about his career.

Ross did reveal on Twitter that WWE will still carry his JR’s BBQ products. He tweeted:

“JR’s products still available online at & at . Nothing’s changed & I still appreciate support.”

  • JAckh45

    Yes, but Ric still adds something to the table… JR adds what exactly? (I’m talking present day here)

    Also thos who are so sad hes gone… It wont ever be the last time we see JR on WWE TV, you know this to be true. Get over it.

  • d_pooch

    ^^What he said.

  • oppa

    Ric Flair acts the way that he does because Vince and other people in the industry continue to pay him to be “Ric Flair.” Until they stop, he’ll keep acting this way and it’s not fair to blame other people for how a senior citizen acts in public.