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Backstage News on John Cena and the WWE Title, MITB & SummerSlam News

– As of this weekend, John Cena is not booked for a match at WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view on July 15th. A source does not expect Cena to be added to the RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match either.

The latest word on Cena’s SummerSlam plans is that he will be going after WWE Champion CM Punk in the co-main event. WWE will reportedly be focusing on Cena-Punk and Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H as the SummerSlam main events this year.

Plans always change this far out but advertising for WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view in September suggest that Cena would not win the WWE Title at SummerSlam. WWE is teasing that Cena will challenge for the WWE Title at Night of Champions, which takes place from his hometown in Boston.

Cena is expected to spend the latter part of 2012 in the WWE Title picture.


  • capara

    Bring back mr kennedy…. kennedy!

  • John

    @Jimbotron. We haven’t seen our “idols” Cena and Orton (minus 1 match for Orton) in the title picture at all this year. People like you just wanna complain about everything.

  • ant

    how about SYM and Jimbotron have a love child and name it Mark Douchebag i think that would be fitting

  • john

    cena’s had his run for titles now!!! he’s had it to many times ( or given to him ) lets get some new champions!

  • SYM

    @Jimbotron don’t mind ant he ain’t got Home Training.

  • this is a rematch from last years summerslam i thought punk was going to face barrett or cody rhodes

  • chronoxiong

    He’s been main eventing PPVs even without being in the title hunt. We don’t want to see this at all. I’m frustrated with this company at times and this is one of them.

  • ant

    @jimboton so i guess all the people above me that agree that cena hasnt been in a world title match forever and that him and punk could have another great match arent intelligent huh? youre such an idiot i wish u would just go to another site

  • Sam Peters

    Cena has not been in the title picture since the fued with Punk i think and they have done a good job of keeping him out of it and now as there is nothing else it only makes sense that he goes back into the title scene and then build for a fued for Wrestlemania

  • rocky sucks

    what do you want from cena?why all the hate?he’s not the champ for the last 10 months,he put over punk.adr and the rock. i’m not sayin’ he has to be the wwe champ,but give him a break. why is it okay for punk to have the belt for 9 months but when it’s cena with the belt it’s too much.

  • Rucdogg

    The only thing good that will come from Cena going after the title is the main event will FINALLY be a damn title match! Two world champions and neither of them has main evented a ppv in God knows how long. Come on Vinnie Mac get it together

  • Man

    Id rather see Ziggler vs Sheamus and Punk vs Cody Rhodes for the title with both Ziggler and Cody picking up wins

  • M2XX9TU

    So… Yoshi Tatsu isnt facing Mr Fuji for the WWE title at Summerslam like the Easter Bunny promised me? What a load of crap…

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    So Cena will become #1 contender by missing a PPV? At least Punk will be in the Main Event at MITB.

  • Kris

    How come every says Cena]punk for the thousandth time, boring, but noone says bryan\punk for the thousandth time boring yawn same stuff
    John Cena has a hella moveset when given time to use it, but when he is either supposed to get squashed then HUlk up, no time for it, or totally destroy his opponent why go thru all the other moves?

  • Jimbotron


    Yes we did watch it. We’ve seen it. We’ve seen Cena vs. Punk, we’ve seen Cena compete for the title millions of times. The point is no one wants to watch the same thing. God forbid anyone doesn’t want to see your idols Cena and Orton in title matches all the freaking time. Post something intelligent next time.

  • david

    the wwe needs to get new writers for raw and smackdown coz the same wwe superstars are getting a title shot almost or all the time.they need to fire some of the writers like rajin singh since he is head of the writing department for raw.they also need to give ryback a challenge like mark henry or someone else than local wrestlers.i do not want john cena to have a title shot at money in the bank boring storyline.they should combine both wwe and the world title as 1 not be unified.coz the world title is for smackdown and the wwe is for raw they should have 1 champion of the world and for the for big show he needs to have his character stop being an asshole and hurting all of the wwe superstars

  • Shawn

    If Cena turns heel (not going to happen) and wins the belt, I’m perfectly fine with that. In fact, I’d absolutely love to see it! I feel a heel Cena as champ could make WWE interesting again. Oh well, too bad WWE won’t even consider it. I thought they liked money. Guess not.

  • Whatever

    Funny that someone says it will be a boring match again bla bla bla.
    What I remembered, punk vs cena was briljant… (and a lot people thought that)
    but well, as always, people forget those things…

  • Dave

    In fairness. They have kept Cena away from the title scene pretty well lately. And I’m not sure if they will put the title on him until after his divorce is through in case he gets any seriously bad publicity from his wifes muck raking.

  • Buttercastle

    So how will Cena transition into wanting to face Punk? Surely they won’t have him magically turn heel.

  • Diesel

    Oh look ANOTHeER match with Cena & the title, how exciting!!….. *sarcasm* -_-

    Why not make Punk vs Bryan instead? (minus Kane obviously)That would be MUCH more exciting than the same pretictable bullsh**. I mean come on do the WWE actually have ANY creativity left other than just doing the “Ooo I know lets throw Cena in the Title picture” routine

  • ant

    @Deva ummm did u watch Cena/Punk match at summerslam last year that match was awesome ,so what limited moveset are u talking about?i think people are forgeting that cm punk brings out the best in cena matchwise as we clearly saw last year

  • Logan

    The day of ever seeing Ziggler vs Ryder for the WWE Title or Rhodes vs McGillicutty (really wish that would change to Henning) for the World Title isn’t gonna happen soon.

    I love watching Punk work, there’s no point to put a belt on Cena or have him in the title picture, Brock….may not be around longer, and HHH should just stick to behind the scene thing for now.

  • SYM

    How can some of you guys Fend for WWE’s Bull Shit? I mean for real. After Summer 2012 I might as well be done with WWE til WrestleMania Season. Cena being in the Title Picture Again….SOME BULL.

  • Deva

    cena again yes, and it will be boring match with his limited move set, but to wwe credit he has not been in the title run for a while, as oppose to a few years back where he would be in the main event title at every PPV, I am sure that dolph ziggler will win MITB and he will start getting hes will deserve title fued going

  • John Laurenitis’ Voice

    Cena is at a point in his career where he is beyond needing to be WWE Champion, stop putting him in title shot positions, and please start to get rid of that title and bring back the Undisputed design or something other then that. I’m tired of looking at it.

  • The Awesome One

    as long as cena doesnt beat punk im good with it

  • mark

    not cena again. cant we have someone else

  • Greg

    WWE is so boring now, its like watching the same rerun over and over again.