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Backstage News on Kane vs. John Cena, Update on a Lawsuit Against WWE, Rumble

– Independent wrestler Devon Nicholson will meet WWE in court this October with his $6 million lawsuit. Nicholson is suing after WWE rescinded a contract offer to him. Nicholson alleges that WWE discriminated against him because of his Hepatitis C.

– Last night’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis was officially sold out.

– Talk at last night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view was that there will be a big payoff angle between Kane and John Cena at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view next month.

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  • venom

    Didn’t wolf get released from TNA because of this.

  • Jason

    Blind love for wwe is sick imo. discriminated against is against the law period. He will win, just like Daffney will win her case against TNA. It’s only fair

  • Jason

    Wasn’t there a situation with a form of Hep years ago with Bob Orton bleeding in handicapped matches with him & Randy vs Taker ? If I remember correctly after Taker found out he went ballistic.

  • Buttercastle

    What a moron. I love how he chooses the word ‘descriminated’ as if it was some act of disease profiling. After he loses this case, hopefully to David Otunga holding a coffee, I’m sure he will defend his loss by saying the judge and jury were being diseasist.

  • CC

    They discriminated against him because he has hep C?
    Thats not discrimination, thats common sense.
    In an industry like the wrestling business, you cannot risk wrestling with someone who has hep C.
    All it takes is a small wound, and then your opponent risks catching it.