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Backstage News on Kofi Kingston, Rhodes and Sandow, King

– Matt Striker spoke with Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow in a WWE App exclusive video during last night’s RAW. They declared they will be the next WWE Tag Team Champions because they are the smartest, youngest and hungriest in WWE. They also bragged about being undefeated as a tag team.

– WWE’s cameras caught up with Larry King and his wife Shawn after last night’s RAW. King was surprised when the fans cheered him because officials told him he would be boo’d for interrupting the wrestling part of the show when he came out for a segment on the stage. King added that he and his wife will be back anytime WWE needs them.

– We noted a few weeks back that WWE officials booked Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler on RAW because they were considering doing another singles run with him. As noted last night, Kofi split from R-Truth on good terms in a exclusive video. This is the beginning of Kofi’s singles push and he’s in line for another run with the Intercontinental Title.

  • alex

    maybe punk is going to pe stripped of his wwe championship,ryback vs cena for the wwe championship

  • Sam Peters


    They would have done Ryback with IC title at first i reckon but after Cena’s injury there was not really anyone else they could have put against Punk so they have him in reserve, if Cena is fir to compete they will prob give Ryback another squash match

  • Jeff

    Wish they would have went with the feud they teased a few weeks ago between Ryback and Miz. Seems to early to thrust Ryback into the top.