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Backstage news on length of Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match at Wrestlemania

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg for the WWE Universal Title is set to close out Wrestlemania 33 from Orlando, Florida next month, with the WWE Title match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton falling lower on the card.

WON speculates that the match between Goldberg and Lesnar is not expected to be long, much like their past meetings as well as Goldberg’s title win over Owens at Fastlane. Goldberg’s quick wins over Lesnar at Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble, and his dominant win over ‘KO’, have been to build up Goldberg in order to make Lesnar’s victory even more spectacular.

The Universal Title picture gets even more interesting with a Lesnar win at Mania, as Owens has a rematch clause he has yet to invoke. Goldberg will also have a rematch clause if he is to lose the title to Lesnar.

Regardless of how things go down after the Show Of Shows, current plans have Lesnar going over on Goldberg quickly to close out Wrestlemania 33. We’ll keep you updated as more becomes available…

  • Darrin Tyler

    the only reason Survivor series was so short of a match was because Goldberg was hurt. So now there is absolutely no excuse this time….

  • M

    This just feels like they’re wasting everybody’s time. If it isn’t at least 15 minutes in length, what’s the point? They pretty much disappointed everybody at Survivor Series, Rumble was laughable, now they want to close the biggest show of the year with that, wtf are they thinking? If this were the case, it should have been Lesnar destroying Goldberg than building to the title match at Mania. He could’ve won there than announce his retirement or win at RR than drop at Mania. Just more s@&t booking.

  • Brad Grillakis

    This was temporary and only for his son to see him wrestle live. As a Goldberg fan, agree with you on retirement.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    That would absolutely suck though, i mean its all well and good for survivor series and the rumble but after their last match at wrestlemania 20 (which was quite frankly an embarrassment) they owe it to the fans to at least put on a decent match

  • D2K

    I really think Goldberg should hang it up after Mania. Do the job, go home, get ready for the HOF next year in New Orleans.

  • Hbk

    Like a said 1 or 2 Germans and an f5… after heyman districts goldy