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Backstage News on Lesnar’s Return, Reason for Stephanie Confronting Divas on RAW, More

– WFTV 9 in Florida reports that the Central Florida Sports Commission is hoping to bring major sporting events like WWE’s WrestleMania and Royal Rumble to the area between now and 2019. The CFSC is asking Orange County officials for money to help bring in the events.

– As seen on Monday’s RAW, Stephanie McMahon confronted Kaitlyn and the other Divas on the stage and told them to never interrupt her again. This was apparently a play off a real-life situation that happened backstage recently where someone interrupted Stephanie and caused a bit of a scene.

– Brock Lesnar reportedly did not arrive in the arena for Monday’s RAW until around 9:30pm. Lesnar returning to take out CM Punk was not in the final RAW script and few people knew he was returning.

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  • Andrew

    It’s unfortunate that her character is nothing more than an extension of herself in real life though. That’s what happens when you’re married to The Coolest Guy in the Room, I guess.

  • The Killswitch

    Well, that’s what I mean; she was building her own ego, and being who her character is, since newer audiences would be otherwise unfamiliar with her.

  • Andrew

    I don’t even think it did THAT though. I mean, her character is always just gonna be Stephanie McMahon, and in the first place, her well-being doesn’t depend on the audience to give a shit about her like the Divas’ do. It was just an ego trip.

    It’s the same thing as when Triple H called a broomstick more talented than most of THE COMPANY’S EMPLOYEES, just confined to only the Divas in this case.

  • The Killswitch

    Cheap way to build her own character. I was puzzled too.

  • Andrew

    So something happened in real life, and Steph decided to reference it on camera where no one in the audience would understand it, running down the Divas in the process, to what beneficial end exactly?

  • Will Henderson

    it happened at the end of the Divas segment when AJ rolled out of the ring and Big E picked her, the camera cut back to Kaitlyn who’s boob popped out.

  • d_pooch

    I missed the nipple. Tell me where to find it on my DVR!

  • los322

    Maybe that way things can actually be kept secret

  • Jim

    What a RAW we saw it all***** a stinger, a retirement, and a nipple What a night