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Backstage News on Lilian’s WWE Return, Otunga’s TLC Promo, Lawler vs. Cabana

– WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler will face Colt Cabana under his “Matt Classic” gimmick for the Pro Wrestling Xperience promotion in York, South Carolina this Saturday.

– Lilian Garcia spoke with Maria Kanellis and crew on the RAW AfterBuzz show this week about her return to WWE. Lilian said she was in Las Vegas for a marathon when she got the call to return on Friday. Lilian flew straight from Vegas to Tampa, Florida where Monday’s RAW was held.

Lilian said everyone backstage embraced her with open arms and at first she was surprised about being put on SmackDown but is excited about the opportunity.

– WWE has released a new promo for TLC featuring David Otunga:

  • Boomer

    Morrison wasnt fired his contract was up this summer but he took an extention till the end of november

  • kirby

    It’s a pillow, it’s a pet, IT’S A PILLOW PET!!!

  • RUSTanator

    i thought this promo was quite funny

  • Good R-Truth

    Otunga is about exiting as a Victorian tea pot. Otunga should be the poster boy for sleeping tablets.

  • adam

    Wow this promo sucked and it is funny that they use morrison in a promo after firing him

  • venom

    Otunga is not even involved with this ppv.

  • Dave

    Personal opinion. It’s shite.

  • Fred

    Otunga has the personality of an STD.

  • JerezanoDeCoraz√≥n

    Yeah! Putting Otunga on the promo is going to put asses on seats and eyeballs in front of televisions.

  • Sammo

    That promo has being airing in the UK for 3 weeks already.

    Otunga looks scary big… Like some jacked-up freak from a comic book movie.