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Backstage News on Miz Turning Face, Royal Rumble Update, More

– WWE has confirmed that this year’s Royal Rumble main event will feature 30 Superstars. The 2012 match also featured 30 Superstars but the 2011 match had 40 Superstars for the first time ever.

– In case you missed it in yesterday’s updated press release for the WWE Royal Rumble Fan Fest in Phoenix on January 26th, WWE will be holding a tournament where the winner will receive a guaranteed slot in the Rumble main event. NXT stars are also scheduled to wrestle at the Fan Fest. The Fan Fest will also feature live musical performances, food trucks, three interactive Superstar Q&A panels plus a lot more.

– Within WWE, there has been some second-guessing the recent babyface turn for The Miz. The feeling is that while things may have started rough, officials feel that it will work out in the long run.

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  • Preacher

    I can’t stand the Miz…he bugs…but not in the heel type of way…he bugs like flat diet coke bugs…

  • Diesel

    It’s not going to make him any more credible though, bottom line the dude just isn’t a main eventer. And I’m mean no disrespect to those on this board who like him, but he’s just not, especially when you look at people who have all come before him like your Curt Hennigs, Bret Harts, HBKs, Steve Austins and so on. Yes ok he’s charismatic I’ll give him that but what do you expect from a guy who’s been on reality tv?

  • They don’t know what to do with him, my biggest problem with the wwe is that guys like the miz, punk, Bryant , and the shield know how to wrestle and can move the sport forward but the writers cannot find a way to use them………the writing in the wwe is awful and so is the story telling……that’s why you see the giant vs Sheamus 4 to 5 pay per views in a row

  • Prince

    Maybe if they actually had him feud with someone instead of just doing Miz TV every week, then he’d get over.

  • FanSince99

    When Morrison comes back they should get a run with the tag titles to get them both over bc they both need work getting back in A shape.

  • scooter

    Fact is they turned him too late, remembe the pop he got at Money in the bank he could have just played a face from then on and it would have been a natural thing now it feels forced!

  • It’s all in how you book him or who he is feuding against…..

  • Bill

    The thing is, the best face turns happen when the heel is very over with the crowd. The Rock got awesome reactions as a heel, so a face turn was only natural. Same with Stone Cold, Undertaker, & Chris Jericho. But Miz wasn’t getting crazy reactions, partly because of WWE making him look weak, so turning him face is going to be an upward battle.

  • ashterk

    Its kinda odd Mizs turn is like yeah he is still the heel style Miz only real difference is what he is doing now what he did against faces he is doing to heels.

  • IrishRhyno

    If things start rough it wont work,need to be changed or feel forced.So they best start tweeking things.