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Backstage News on Morale at Last Night’s RAW, Latest on Punk’s Situation, WWE Production

– A hot topic among WWE’s production team is how much more additional work they will have with the Network launching, especially if SmackDown is moved to a live broadcast on Tuesday nights.

– We noted before that WWE replaced CM Punk with John Cena in a banner on the WWE App yesterday. Punk was also replaced in the opening video for RAW last night, replaced with a shot of masked Kane. WWE also removed a clip of Punk talking about Paul Heyman from a preview for WWE Countdown on the WWE Network.

– Morale was low backstage at last night’s RAW. There was a feeling among wrestlers that Punk walking out was going to be a loss for the whole locker room since he’s always speaking up for everyone. There was also a feeling that as much talk as there has been about potential WrestleMania XXX creative changes in the past week, there wasn’t any real sign of that.

Source: PWInsider

  • Sam

    I’ve realised he means WWE opening (THEN. NOW. FOREVER, one) not the Raw opening

  • Solid

    Well when you work for a company where if you spoke up and they deemed you not to have enough worth and either punish or fire you, you’d probably keep your mouth shut and take the paycheck so you can live.

  • oppa

    So a group of adults feel sad because they can’t speak up for themselves and depended on one person to stand up and speak for them? This explains why Vince does not see most of the roster as believable champions and why Punk may be burned out. Most legends of the business would see this as a chance for them to move up the card and earn more money. Guess the current generation isn’t hungry enough to go for the top the way Vince wants them to.

  • Johhny

    tis marc at his finest lol

  • Sam

    There wasn’t any opening video on Raw…