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– Ken Anderson will be making his TNA live event debut on February 4th, 5th and 6th in Kansas and Missouri.

– Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reports that there has been talk among TNA creative of bleaching AJ Styles hair to go along with the new Ric Flair storyline. If AJ has anything to say about it, this probably won’t happen but he may show up at the next set of iMPACT tapings with blonde hair.

  • Bodie, Keane and Marcus

    What do you expect from WCW reloaded? I saw this kind of crap comming

  • Paton

    still not as bad as little petey pump….

  • P. Nisse

    I understand what they’re trying to do, but I think Aj should grow the hair a lil longer like Flair instead of bleaching it. Just my opinion

  • ernie

    is it bad when i remember cactus jack, ric flair, n sting in wcw at the same time…just sucks flair n sting r there…would have loved to see flair vs. sting on at wm……wwe even nixed the idea of copying someones established chararcter..edge n the edgeheads…..but this tna so what doesn’t work for wwe they have to do….telling u if aj goes blond tna goes red for good……

  • Kane

    in other words, they are going to redo the big papa pump and little petey pump storyline? who will play baby sting to further the storyline when sting starts talking again?

  • Ryan


  • Joey

    @ Forever He’s now using Just For Men Brown on a daily basis to keep the bleach out. Unfortunately the side effects have made him fat.

  • Forever

    David Flair bleached his hair blonde too. Where is David Flair now?

  • Rizvi

    Bad move, bad move, he should not be turned into a mini me of Flair, AJ needs his own gimmick, in an interview I read, Petey Williams said that he hated the whole idea of little petey pump but Russo forced him to do it, this time around I think Bischoff is doing the same thing to AJ.

  • Treg

    Why do they want to take the phenomenalness away from AJ? =(

  • arrrr truth

    the furthest they should go with flair and aj is to bring back the four horsemen. maybe add daniels, joe and unmask suicide so kazarian can join them. those four guys are best friends and would make a great stable and might liven up tna and hold the spotlight on the young guys rather then “the band” (seriously have no clue how they have entrance video and music if they arent “signed” talent) or sean morley (seriously have no clue how he was put over daniels on a ppv).

  • Daniel Schein

    This would be a very bad WCW style move. It makes AJ look like he’s trying to imitate Flair. He needs to be his own character. They should add some cocky swagger to his persona like new entrance music as one example. The hair bleaching though is even worse then when they turned him heel last time and made him a groveling stooge to Christian.

    AJ is and has been TNA top MVP and “basically” homegrown talent. They have to be really careful with him.

  • rko

    I agree this would be a mistake to bleach AJ’s hair and make him like Flair.Anyone remember Petey Williams? One of the best finishers in the biz and so much talent got lost in the shuffle because fans forgot who he really was after TNA Creative Geniuses decided to make him a Big Poppa Pump mini me. I’m not saying this will happen to AJ, but it takes away from his own image. The Ric Flair rub will do just fine Mr.Russo…

  • deviant

    the whole ah = flair thing i baltebtly to set up a match between flair and sting. Sying will win and aj will be back to himself again.

  • cheesehandler

    aj styles is overrated

  • Sidewalkgod

    Um, Flair did the same thing when he broke out and took over Buddy Rogers as Nature Boy. Personally, if the Nature Boy name was passed, it should have gone to Jericho 8 years ago.

  • Jojo2

    @speedy23 that was still WCW. Sadly I remember lil naitch costing Rey Mysterio Jr. the world title from Ric Flair on an episode of nitro

  • speedy23

    this sounds like when they took charles robinson and turned him into the little natich back when they were doing the nuthouse gimmick thing with flair. i think that was even wwe? could have still been wcw.

  • James Robert (a.k.a. Jim Bob)

    It’s worth a try. AJ never really had a gimmick anyway. I’d rather him NOT rip off a gimmick that’s already around, but if he can’t come up with one himself, then I guess he’s got no chose. This will either really boost him up or completely ruin him. Also, I’m a fan of a wrestler having a different look when he’s face and when he’s heel. AJ could use the blonde hair as a heel and when he turns face again, go back to his natural color.

  • Andrew

    NO! Please, in the name of anything good in wrestling, please do not turn AJ into a mini-Flair! This’ll kill AJ’s “independant” characteristic

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