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Backstage News on Sheamus, Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn

– People were shocked backstage at the February 7th RAW when neither Kevin Dunn or Vince McMahon ordered wide shots on camera angles and zoomed in on CM Punk’s bloody face after his nose was broken.

– If it seems like Sheamus has been de-pushed lately, it’s because Kevin Dunn is not a fan of the former WWE Champion. When Sheamus ran away from Nexus a few months back, this led to Dunn having the idea that Sheamus would be wearing the attire that he currently wears.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Me

    I personally like Sheamus and I think he will capture the WHC after he gets drafted to Smackdown. Also I hope that by the end of 2011 WWE will finally ditch this PG era crap.

  • Satan

    I like Sheamus i don’t understand all the hate he gets yeah maybe getting the title was a little to early for him but i still think he needs to be pushed he’s a great entertainment only of the people i enjoy watching besides Punk and the thing with him running from the Nexus was stupid and whoever pitched the idea needs to be fired.

  • Vinny

    I thought Kevin Dunn worked in production? I dunno.

  • scooter

    kevin dunn doesn’t like talent this is the man who said that john morrison would never make it as a wrestler! I bet kevin dunn would rather push everybody ever 6 foot tall that can’t work for shit well sheamus can work and he he took the ball and ran with it so well when he was champion for the second time he looked like a legit main eventer hell even with this de-push I’d say sheamus has managed to stay over and good for him show that moron that has no place being in wrestling where to go!

  • Justin

    Yeah this is odd. Sheamus running away is a problem? A top heel running away is a problem? Hogan would act like a wuss at times during the nWo days and call for backup. HHH would run away at times, especially from Kane and Taker. Didn’t they call it “hightailing?” I mean, I know it was a bigger heel group, but running away doesn’t make you a wuss heel, it makes you more dimensional and surprising at times. They should have have made him tougher and more ruthless, like HHH was, in my opinion.

  • Hunter

    I think it’s BS about them not being high on Sheamus. He hasn’t been as involved for sure, but he still got the nod for KOTR and in the mix at the elimination chamber, with rumours of him and HHH battling at Wrestlemania.

    Tell me where thats not high on the agenda?

  • RawIsWar

    It looks like the PG era will die soon… or i can only hope! seems like Vince came to his senses, from this to the Rock, One can only hope! cause TNA sucks (totally irrelevant i know… well not really)

  • Nicholas G

    That is BS WWE still has high hope on the WWE. All this is nothing but internet BS. The reason why Sheamus is not in the main event picture is because Sheamus is great at putting people over which is good. You watch a year from now Sheamus will be have another WWE or World title run. Because I have a funny feeling come draft time Sheamus is going to Smackdown. Sheamus is still WWE top raising young talent. They just don’t want to rush him. It call paying dues and putting young talent over.

    In closing the internet love to spread rumors on crap they know nothing about. They see a guy like Sheamus jobbing after being in the WWE title picture an feel that WWE is depushing the guy. Me I don’t by it CM Punk after the has 3 World title runs went to Smackdown to job for a while an look at him now. It call paying dues that all Sheamus is doing. He will have much more WWE and world title runs. The internet has no idea what they are talking about when it comes to a great talent like Sheamus who is great at putting talent over.

  • jim

    lmao sheamus sucks always has…he only got his push because of HHH finally someone wised up and realized the guy has no talent.

  • Valo487

    I don’t like Sheamus, but if you’re going to push someone that hard you need to follow through on it, you can’t push someone to the moon then just let them drop, it makes it that much harder for them to ever maintain credibility.

  • Kujo


    I thought the cape thing was cool…

  • kamoteng kahoy

    i’ll say it again, fast pushes rarely work. stupid idiotic wwe

  • CM Mark

    Sheamus has it all. He’s a big guy, he can talk on the mic and draw heat, he’s not as boring to watch in the ring as most of the other larger guys. This is just one more reason WWE creative should be fired.

  • Will Henderson

    looks like we may be seeing Sheamus move to SmackDown after WrestleMania in the annual draft since he’s buried on Raw now.

  • wooh

    -_- cuz kings run from their problems……NO THEY RAISE AN ARMY THEN destroy whats in their way

  • Trixie

    ^^ that’s what i was thinking, here’s hoping.

    Also, why doesn’t Dunn like Sheamus? And how does him running away from nexus inspire the cape, crown and staff that he has now?

  • Evil Doink

    I am a HUGE Sheamus fan. He is a great character, and WWE always seems to love characters. So what this article is saying, is that they are making him wear the King outfit because they know it looks dumb? I really don’t get it. I think Sheamus is one of their top guys.

  • TomC

    Good God, I HOPE SO !!

  • grapplin gorilla

    maybe well start to see that “pg” thing start to fade out

  • CM Spunk

    CM Mark, couldn’t agree more.

  • mark

    what sheamus done wrong?

  • CM Mark

    Punk has been the only thing in the WWE worth anything since mid 2009.

  • CM Spunk

    Good news, maybe they realise their product has been lacking and the only consistantly good thing associated with WWE at present is Punk.