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Backstage News On Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has been less involved with the creative content of WWE programming than many expected her to be at this point. She took maternity leave following the birth of her third child in August and has largely worked via telecommuting since that time. One company source said Paul Levesque (a/k/a Triple H) appears more creatively involved than he has ever been after his promotion in the fall to Vince McMahon’s Senior Advisor.

Though Levesque does not attend creative meetings, he is more involved in the creative process and has a lot of stroke in producer meetings. He also filled in as a show runner when Vince McMahon missed a few recent television tapings.

“I would say Vince McMahon is the executive show runner and Hunter is the associate show runner,” said one WWE source. “He’s the apprentice.”

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • Vinny

    I wonder why Shane really left wwe? maybe vince wanted him to get more exposure in running a business before taking over the throne? just a thought…

  • Justin

    your right about Vince he did a wonderful job with the WWE and I think Shane is a better choice than Hunter(paul) because Shane was raised by Vince and was with Vince through the great 90s era of the WWE I think Shane would make better choices than Paul, cuz right now your right this era sux!!!! there is only a few wrestlers I like and only some are champions while the other champions like THE MIZ, Sheamus, etc. suck sooooo BAD!!! cuz there theme sux! Yea I’m the BEST, THE KING, I’M AWESOME FUCK THAT SHIT!!!! I say suck it! Seriously I know Hunter(paul) gotta promotion for the reason hes with steph and plus hes making Vince a Grandpap and Hunter(paul) needs $$$ for the babies so yeah he needs a promotion! but seriously just give his ass a raise and make him wrestle cuz He was a Good Wrestler with a good theme thats what he is good at being told what to do! not creating shows for WWE cuz it SUX! I do indeed think there will always be a WWE after Vince but ratings will slowly decrease unless Hunter(paul) gets some help! Maybe from Shane!!!

  • shawn

    dolph ziggler #1 contender? a good job.

  • andre lewis

    wrong wwe will suffer because nobody shares his vision for this business i think its bull that hhh has all this power and control how he can call shots on certain things mcintyre and sheamus are boring as hell this era sucks sooooo bad

  • Vic

    When Vince dies, I hope to God WWE goes back to TV-14. I miss the the old WWF/WWE glory years.

  • Kim

    The WWE will still never die even after Vince dies. He has everything taken care off to keep the company running. But that being said I have to agree I cannot imagine the WWE without Vince around either. But the WWE will never go out of business they are too big a company. No matter who is in charge. That is my opinion anyway. I think Vince would come back from the dead and go after someone if they ruined his company.

  • !?

    I can’t even picture the WWE after Vince leaves quite honestly, Vince has done more for the WWE than most can imagine.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    It doesn’t matter who takes control from Vince, once he dies, the WWE will be no more

  • Rucdogg

    Paul stay winnin and Steph stay preg! Damn HHH pull out

  • Joe Piscapo

    Paul stay winnin’.

  • Joe

    I’d argue he left because of Triple H and Stephanie being the heirs to the company.

  • Matthew Carter

    No surprise there-Shane screwed himself when he left WWE altogether.