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– It’s said that a big part of why Dolph Ziggler isn’t getting pushed is one of the same reasons that Christian isn’t being used – his history of injuries and concussions.

It was said that WWE can’t push Ziggler and trust him a top guy because he’s injury prone and had a history of taking time off. This applies to a few other talents as well. There’s a feeling that some talents are just “snakebit” in that regard.

Source: PWInsider

  • CC

    I’d take this report with a pinch of salt as many wrestlers have had concussions, its part of the game.
    And what other injuries has he had.
    I wouldnt believe everything I hear from so called “insiders”.

  • millerj265

    Del Rio nvr injured Ziggler, Swagger and Ryback concussed Zigglar I do believe. Unless I missed it and Del Rio did injure him at some point.

  • BoomTown Junkies

    He gets injured because of the idiot WWE officials who use him as a jobber, or use him in matches against reckless, idiot wrestlers like Del Rio who injure him! If you actually use him like he should be used – FAAAARRRR less injuries.. same story for Mysterio and Sin Cara – Stop being idiots and putting them against people like Mark Henry!! USE YOUR BRAINS!!

  • d

    Orton, Mysterio,and even Edge come to mind as well

  • wtf

    this is so stupid look at cena how many times has he been hurt and injured compared to ziggler i rest my case

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken


    any excuse to not push a guy who’s clearly over and yet push a guy like batista and brock who come and go as they please

  • ChrisDV

    Two concussions because you put him in with unsafe workers, and it’s his fault?

  • ddfindl

    Two concussions and now he’s “injury prone”? WTF

  • Shawn OB

    To those here who mention the top stars getting used, good Fn point.

  • d_pooch

    Everyone gets injured or takes time off at some point. How can you say he “can’t be trusted?” Isn’t it just the nature of the beast??

  • Will Henderson

    so pretty much Dolph Ziggler is being held back cause they don’t think he cans stay healthy. why don’t Ziggler just ask for his release.

  • dolph

    Randy Orton ring a bell????

  • Keith Learmonth

    Cena’s taken more time off than Ziggler ever has… Yet they still push him.

  • new8406

    So no more push for Daniel Bryan by this logic, right???

    Oh wait, he’s your cash cow. His injuries don’t matter.

  • #pushZiggles #turnCENAheel

    FECK THAT. That is a total BS statement. He ain’t no Rey Mysterio. That I could understand. Ziggler carries more matches than anyone else on the card.

  • Qinno

    One concussion and he is dead in the eyes of creative… Injuries happen anyways.

  • Hotcakes

    wow.. that is BS.. just don’t put him in the ring with Del Rio and he will be fine!

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