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Backstage News on Orton-Ziggler, Booker Ribs Clay, Laurinaitis

– A funny story about Brodus Clay is at the RAW in Montreal, he was legitimately sad that he did bad in the viewers choice segment to pick an opponent for CM Punk. Booker T saw how he was acting and started ribbing him about it until Clay told Booker to leave him alone.

– The surgery that John Laurinaitis recently had was actually for a torn rotator cuff. He will be out of action for several months. He was scheduled to continue doing run-ins at live events and had been told that he was being brought back to TV as a character. Laurinaitis complained of the shoulder injury and was taken off shows but did work the tour of Australia. By the time that tour was over, he had to have surgery because the rotator cuff was in bad shape.

– Fans cheering for Dolph Ziggler and booing Randy Orton was something discussed internally with the idea of possibly turning one or the other. We’ve noted before how bad Orton wants to work as a heel but officials are keeping him a babyface because of roster depth issues.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Cobra

    I don’t get why we even need Heels and Babyfaces.. why can’t the wrestlers do the characters that work best for them and just wrestle. I hate forced Babyfaces just because they’re opponent is a Heel and vice versa.

  • Bestintheworld123

    I hope cena turns heel and brings nwo back that would be cool put ziggler and wade Barrett in it meh can’t mess it up any more then it is .

  • knowing how wwe likes to screw things up they will end up putting ziggler as a face instead of putting orton heel which in my opion would be much better. I hope that happens but i want hold my breath.
    ziggler is just fine as a heel.

  • Dave S.

    maybe if they stop burying all there talent they wouldn’t have roster depth problem

  • gorgeous girl

    who realy cares at this point

  • Bill

    You know, Ziggler could still act the same & just feud with faces instead. I say do a double turn with Orton & Ziggler. If they won’t make Ziggler an awesome heel champion, they might as well do something different.

  • Tom

    @3X, CM Punk has been a genuine main event for a year, they have been headlong for over 5….

  • Yes! 3X

    @Jimbo. Cena and Orton have both put over way more people in the last year than CM Punk. I dont understand why he gets a free pass with everything.

  • fivogoeswest


    It seems like you have made an somewhat of improvement but but good good man. Drop the “cool guy” talk. We ain’t textin so theres no need to sound like a retard. And what’s with the #imjustsayin I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet but this isn’t Twitter. Thank you for what ever effort you have made though if you even have made any at all. Hopefully your next post won’t be so stupid.

    Now about this clay/booker thing. Does this mean since clay told booker to leave him alone we’ll end up seeing another article about how clay broke some unwritten locker room rule by doing that?

  • Bobobobobo

    They better not think about turning Dolph face, he’s great as the Show Off


    roster depth issue #seriously who didnt already know that but i agree wit the previous comments they dont wanna push anybody else cuz they afraid that ppl wont cheer n boo for who they tell ppl to do that to ziggler being popular witout WWE HELP is y hes losing all the time imo look at zack he got over ON HIS OWN n wwe buried him so wwe has a bad habit of building up some1 then feedin dem to mainly cena or orton n then go wondering y they have roster depth issues damn shame #imjustsayin

  • Stevie P

    It’s kinda hard for guys to be built up when they get one push, it’s to job to the “Big 4” (Cena/Orton/Sheamus/Punk). How can you take anyone as legit if all they do is lose to those guys over and over? How does WWE think we’re going to be believe that say Ziggler can beat Sheamus if all he does is lose to Orton?

  • Jimbo

    And why do you have roster depth issues? Because they never put anyone over guys like Cena and Orton!!!! Idiots!!!