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Backstage News on Paul Heyman’s RAW Promo, Update on the Punk Return Story, Vampiro

– It was noted before that Dave Meltzer said last week that one of his sources, a top WWE Superstar, claimed 100% that CM Punk would be at last night’s RAW in Chicago. Meltzer himself sounded unsure that Punk would be there. When Punk did not show up on last night’s show, Meltzer says his source told him after RAW, “I was lied to.”

– Former WCW star Vampiro was advertised for an event in Mexico this past weekend but tells that he is done with pro wrestling and was never even contacted about the show.

– We hope to have more details on the creative decision behind last night’s Paul Heyman opener but the early word is that Heyman changed the promo some from what was originally planned. It wasn’t like Heyman “went into business for himself” but what he said was reportedly a bit different from what was originally planned.


  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Well last night the truth was told WWE and CM Punk has both move on. I hold no hard feeling for neither side. I think Punk is turn burnout and well WWE got way bigger and better talent to put over right now. Sorry but to me HHH vs Bryan really make more sense at Wrestlmania then Punk vs HHH. Because there going to be something at stake in this match I almost guest maybe if Bryan wins HHH can never stop him from winning the WWE/World title again. But if HHH wins Bryan has to shut up and just do his job. Going to be something on the line. But CM Punk the guy is just burn out did he hurt himself by not going though with Wrestlmania I don’t think it about money with Punk. I just think it was time for both sides to move on.

  • ShiekyBaby

    Heyman’s vast profits in the private sector are such “facts” that you can’t back them up with a source of any kind whatsoever. I don’t have one either. I’m just falling back on common sense and assuming a billion dollar corporation pays him better to be an on-air character/actor in important storylines. Sorry but there’s a reason Heyman keeps coming back to work for a company he supposedly hates. But you’re clearly a huge CM Punk fan so you’ll just make up whatever you want to believe and go with that.

    Not sure what you mean by “posting with different handle” by the way. I’m not sure that’s grammatically right either but that’s another topic.

  • D2K

    It doesn’t matter what you ‘doubt,’ it is a fact that he was. I don’t blame anyone because there is no one to blame. CM Punk isn’t on TV and is at home. Period. That is all there is factual to say. Next topic

    By the way, stop posting with different handle every post. It is lame and immature.

  • ShiekyBaby

    First of all I highly doubt Heyman was making anywhere close to as much money in the private sector. Secondly, if you want to blame anyone for Punk leaving WWE, don’t blame WWE. Blame CM Punk! The man was one of the highest paid wrestlers on the roster and was set to wrestle one of the biggest stars in the history of the company at WM. But according to Punk and his delusional marks that wasn’t good enough for him. Anything less than the main event of WM is beneath him. The man was a pitiful draw in 2012 but no he’s still a bigger star than anyone in the company. WWE is better off without that delusional a-hole.

  • D2K

    I called that they would do that, but I said that either Vince or Triple H would come out. Turns out they used Heyman instead. Worked a lot better I think.

  • D2K

    You have talent like CM Punk (had,) Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and several other guys who could and should be the future of WWE. WWE has waited almost a decade to have a pool of talent this deep again. Of course they are gonna screw it up.

  • D2K

    What if the person doesn’t “care” about being fired? You think Paul Heyman gives a crap if WWE management has an issue with what he said? The guy has made a nice little niche for himself in the private sector and was doing better than good financially before WWE called him back.

    See, you have to understand that the talent have rights too. Yes, free speech doesn’t mean you can say ‘anything’ you want, bt being employed also does not mean your employer has censorship rights either. There is a happy medium.

    Besides that, I think Paul Heyman did a great job of addressing the CM Punk situation in a way to keep the kayfabe lines blurred and then swinging the conversation over into the Brock/Taker match. Only a Paul Heyman could have pulled that off, which is why the sent him out there.

  • john

    The problem with “free speech” in this situation is that you have a job and you do it,free speech has nothing to do with your boss,when you work for someone you have to go by the rules they give you or be fired…it is really that simple i do not think free speech means anything in this situation …For instance i have a job that is very public for a sports team…if i say certain things on :social media” sites i can be fired

  • TheFizPop

    Heyman going into business for himself, is what we need! I mean seriously now, in a world of free speech platforms through social media outlets, why not cut the crap in wwe? Yes they have started blurring the lines, Ziggler speaks out of turn? Why not make it into something via promo? if they are going to ‘bury’ him, do it for speaking out, over exaggerate the angle ala wwe angle. Don’t just use him as cannon fodder for some unknown reason, that does not benefit wwe OR Ziggler (wrestler). Don’t have to bury or even reward them with belts, just use them for their positives! Some wrestlers wouldn’t even suit being a dominant champ or company ‘face’. Just don’t see why this company mis-use talent.

  • d_pooch

    It was a good promo, but I’m assuming Heyman was just acknowledging the elephant in the room, and that it doesn’t really mean anything as far as Punk is concerned. He did a good job of tying it into the Brock/Undertaker storyline, so that kind of made sense.

    You just knew WWE would tease his return by playing his entrance music.