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Backstage News on Paul Heyman’s WWE Status, Mark Henry Comments on His Return, More

– There will be a special Q&A session with Tommy Dreamer and Scott Hall before the Maryland Championship Wrestling Aggravated Assault event in Joppa, Maryland this Saturday, November 23rd. For tickets and more information, visit

– Mark Henry tweeted after last night’s RAW and said he’s almost ready to return. He wrote:

“Almost back! Raw got me ready to do someone bad. Hall of pain ready for next inductee!”

– WWE’s website has re-iterated the fact that Curtis Axel and Ryback are no longer “Paul Heyman guys.” The belief is that Heyman will be kept off WWE TV until Brock Lesnar returns or if they make another storyline change and bring him back with someone else.

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    He didnt bomb with curtis axel he elevated mr perfects son to where he needed to be and as far as ryback I think in time he”ll have a promising career so I mean paul heyman and his feud with cm punk was okay for what it was and I think wwe will most likely have brock lesnar return with heyman to feud with the undertaker heading into Wrestlemania,atleast thats what I hope

  • 1. “Curtis Axel” isn’t “average talent. He’s actually really good, you’ve just never seen him really be allowed to have a good match on TV. It’s kind of hard to look good when you’re booked to be a chicken shit coward. But if you ever had caught some of his good stuff he was allowed to have in NXT, for example, you’d know that while he’s not “Mr. Perfect” good (who is?), he’s really good.

    2. Heyman could have done wonders for Axel. Problem is, he was already the manager for Brock and Punk. Those guys are already stars, already over, and take all the spotlight. WWE didn’t even have Heyman spend much time at all promoting/pushing Axel except for right at the beginning when he won the IC belt. After that, he was quickly pushed into the background.

    3. I think Joe Hennig could and should absolutely be pushed as a top tier guy in WWE, just like his father was. BUT, knowing WWE these days, they’ll likely keep him at midcard (or worse) status from here on out, while pushing guys like Big E. ,Ryback, and The Wyatts. It doesn’t have to make sense, it’s WWE.

  • ddfindl

    “…got me ready to do someone bad.”

    Sexual Chocolate is coming back to make another diva give birth to a glove

  • chris41

    I doubt Heyman will come back with someone else. Ryback and Axel bombed with Heyman, I can’t see them putting him with anybody else. WWE will stick with what works, Heyman and Lesnar.
    You can’t just expect a manager to turn an average talent into a main eventer. When you see a great manager and an average talent together, the great manager will always stand out more than the wrestler.