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- During and after last night’s WWE RAW in Oklahoma City, people were talking about how Vince McMahon was not a happy camper. Word is that he’s upset with the creative direction of RAW and it’s not where they want it to be. The feeling is that everything is starting to take a toll on Vince.

- After last night’s RAW, most within WWE believe that official have no idea if John Cena will be ready for Hell In a Cell or not. There is talk of having Cena wrestle the Hell In a Cell match against WWE Champion CM Punk but then take some more time off.

Source: PWInsider

  • paul s

    As much as i like ryback and his gimmick it is far too early to bring himto punks level. Faaaaaaaar too early, his feet have barely touched the ground!

  • D2K

    You know, I can’t really give WWE the benefit of the doubt of doing anything useful or creative anymore at this point so I don’t know they plan on doing with Ryback and Punk. I think it is more of just a tease and gauging how fans would react to a Punk/Ryback feud somewhere down the line.

    It’s kinda like how Goldberg had run-ins with the nWo long before he had his epic battle with Hogan. Who knows? Maybe if Ryback gets over enough they just might allow him to go over Punk for the title at some point next year. I think his finisher is lame and the ring work is sloppy, but the fans are starting to buy into this gimmick slowly but surely.

  • Bill

    If they want Cena to face Punk at HIAC, then why the hell are they building Ryback up to face Punk???

  • chronoxiong

    How can you get stressed out about the direction of your company when you’re the one that approves of everything that goes on the air? Also, you’re the one who declines other ideas that writers come up with? This is lame.

  • Joe John

    The Rock doesn’t have to win at the Rumble, people seem to think just because he said he was going after the title, that he’ll win it. They could very use it as more “best in the world” fuel.

  • http://www.aol.com landon harris

    bring attitude era back maybe just maybe that will help

  • Jimbo

    Oh yeah, lets not push any other talent and lets make an injured John Cena compete because god almighty forbid there be a main event without John Cena.

  • Mark

    CM Punk is the best thing in the wwe at the moment

  • D2K

    “Word is that he’s upset with the creative direction of RAW and it’s not where they want it to be.”

    Vince must not have any mirrors at home.

  • KingAlbert

    Cena don’t need to be in a Title match at WM. Makes no sence to have Cena/Rock fight over the Title when Rock is hardly at RAW.

    Cena/Rock Title fued would be pathetic.

  • KingAlbert

    Cena vs Ryback needs to happen. Punk/Cena is fuckin boring.

  • CM Mark

    If I were Vince I’d be upset too. RAW was HORRIBLE last night. It’s good they’re pushing the tag teams more, but none of them are really that great. The Punk/JR promo was pretty good. Goatface as usual had the crowd roaring. Other than that, it was HORRIBLE. Ryback botched his finish, twice. Show and Sheamus had the worst awkward promo ever. Ziggles still hasn’t got a real fued going on. Get it together creative, sheesh.

  • adam

    Punk will hold the title till royal rumble then lose to the rock then cena will once again be a surprise number 30 entrant and win the rumble and face rock at mania then win the title.

  • JohnCena33

    How can you build a match that you don’t know if it will happen or not. It should be Punk vs Ryback being build and if Cena is ready for the match, then have him be a surprised participant in the match.

  • StocktonJoe

    Let’s see … the word is that VKM is pissed at the direction RAW is going. So it MUST be that “it’s getting to him.” (Don’t know if “it” is stress from going to 3 hours, or if “it” is not knowing when Cena comes back, or “it” is knowing that he’s going to have to find a new “go-to company guy” sooner rather than later, or if “it” is pressure from his wife’s Senate run – and it really doesn’t matter). It MUST be that “it’s getting to him.” Certainly VKM CAN’T be pissed because he doesn’t like the story lines. Surely VKM CAN’T be pissed because the product WWE is putting out isn’t as good as it can and should be.

  • Tyler(:

    I honestly couldn’t care if Punk lost the title. It’s about time.

    You don’t need a title to be a main eventer.

  • Sam Peters

    its all set in stone now then…..Cena takes time off, roughly 1-2 month(s) to be exact, returns and beats CM Punk for the title and build to the Cena vs Rock II match at Royal Rumble

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