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Backstage News on Punk’s Injury & Return, Stars Missing TLC, RAW

– The November 5th episode of WWE RAW had 258,000 homes watching on DVR or tape delay. The November 12th episode had 340,000 homes watching on DVR or tape delay.

– It looks like WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres and Rey Mysterio will be missing the TLC pay-per-view. Eve is banged up while Rey has been given some time off to deal with personal matters.

– The unofficial estimate from a few people close to CM Punk is that he will be out of action for around three weeks but a more solid time frame is expected to be released within a few days. Punk’s recuperation time will depend on how well he progresses while rehabbing the knee that was operated on. As noted, Punk’s WWE Title match against The Rock at the Royal Rumble is not in jeopardy.

Punk’s knee problem had been noticeable by some in recent matches but for the most part he worked through it without any outward signs of a problem. In the storylines, WWE blamed the injury on Ryback putting Punk through the table at Monday’s RAW. Word is that the table spot was done in case he needed time off, which he did.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • shelton

    punk is an ass but ihope he kicks the hell out of rock

  • Apacaveli

    damn u ryback i blame u for cm punk’s injury.the shield should of kicked ryback’s ass and put him through a damn tlc is gonna suck without cm punk maineventing on the card.

  • Robinson

    @purcey stfu you douche. I was just saying that it was a dumb excuse to use. Why not just have ryback hit him in the knee or something, not have him get hit in the stomach, then the back and then put thru a table. Are you that uneducated you can’t see what people or posting. I rotated my knee 21 dregrees the opposite way that it bends so I know more about pain then you could ever imagine. Don’t get on here and give us your dumb sob story bc this is a wrestling site not a purcey is a crybaby wimp site.

  • Rick Gilbert

    @Purcey, I’ve dislocated both knees in my life and they are the two most painful things I’ve ever experienced.

    I have a slightly torn ACL in one knee and that knee in particular is unpredictable. It can be fine one minute and in sheer pain the next.

    I can’t imagine how these guys work through injuries such as this. Unless someone has experienced a blown out knee, they have no idea just what kind of pain we’re talking about.

    Also, I agree with you that the knee is completely unpredictable. Guess I should mention that both my injuries or dislocations meant that my knee bent sideways and popped out of joint.


    Theyre also using the power bomb through a table as an excuse for him missing action.

    Which he needed…

    Why dont the people who never fully read the article the ones who post the stupid shit.


    Realistically. If you’ve even dislocated a knee before and never let it properly heal. Its like jello. My knee has popped out while swimming, turned wrong in my sleep, going down stairs.

    I understand your complaint. Its wrestling tho. If it bothers you that much dont watch.

  • Robinson

    So being put thru a table can cause a knee problem lol?!