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Backstage News on Punk’s Storyline, Gabriel Pulled, More

– caught up with legends “Cowboy” Bill Watts and Danny Hodge after paying appreciation to Jim Ross at last night’s RAW. Watts called JR one of the top talents in the business. Watts also put over Hodge and how strong his grip still is these days.

– Justin Gabriel revealed on Twitter that he was scheduled to wrestle on last night’s RAW but the match was nixed right before it began. He tweeted:

“30 seconds before I was supposed to step through the curtain my match got cut. Got to love live TV! Anything can happen!”

– Expect more WWE Legends to appear on RAW to encourage WWE Champion CM Punk to face John Cena at Hell In a Cell. The idea is that the Legends will convince Punk to face Cena so he can earn the title of “Best In the World.” Jim Ross played the role on last night’s RAW after recent appearances by Bret Hart and Mick Foley.

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  • paul s

    Since whendid cena become the benchmark of legendary status in wwe? Oh right, since all the little kiddies want his merchandise. Hardly the measure of best in the world. Fact is cena doesnt sell moves well, oh he’ll sell his ownmoves no dpubt but strap him in a submission seethe pain in his face! No wait, thats boredom. Probably thinkin of anotherboyscout speech or counting his merchandise profits.

  • Cropsy

    so shall we assume Cena will be champ after HIAC? Totally lame, they should bring back Morrison, he was always the better of the Johns.

  • JIR

    fact is someone will say if Cena loses he get no more shots as long as Punk is champ

  • Dave

    JR said that all those former stars never claimed to be the best. What about Bret’s ‘the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be”? A lot of bests in there.

  • Swag Chief

    @Devil_Rising actually, Punk has NEVER pinned Cena clean. MITB 2011: The distraction from Vince caused Cena the match. Summerslam 2011: Cena’s foot was on the bottom rope and HHH didn’t see it.

  • Prince

    JBL will guaranteed be one of the legends to confront Punk. And it’ll be one hell of a promo I’m sure.

  • Zedd

    How about we give someone else a title shot instead of Cena, Jesus Christ.

  • KingAlbert

    Can’t wait until after HIAC, Cena is boring as batshit

  • Knobbs

    Saying Punk has to beat Cena to be Best in the World implies that Cena is in fact the Best in the world….Biggest Superstar? sure…most popular…meh…Best in the World? NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!

  • JOE

    ^^^^^ dude its the wwe, nothing they really do makes any sense if you think about it.

  • Devil_Rising

    That’s fine and all…….except even storyline wise, it doesn’t make sense. Punk has beaten Cena clean for the WWE Championship in the past. He even beat him in the “WWE Champion vs. WWE Champion” nonsense that followed. Punk has more or less owned Cena in recent history.

    So how would beating Cena in a HITC match make him “THE BEST IN THE WORLD”?

  • Kannon81

    Dave he was taping a movie during raw 1000. That’s why he didn’t show.

  • Boobies

    so legend after legend is going to come out and tell Punk if he wants to be the best in the world he has to beat John Cena….*vomits*

  • Dave

    I very much doubt it. He is still recovering from knee surgery. He even went as far as to turn down a spot on RAW 1000 as he did not want to appear before the fans on a dodgy leg and crutches. So I doubt he will appear for WWE until his knee is fully healed up.

  • xXx

    at the guy above me, how we wish,

  • Arun

    Stone Cold Stone Cold Stone Cold!! 🙂