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Backstage News on Punk’s WWE Future: Possible Movie Roles, His Push & More

– While it may appear to some that WWE has halted CM Punk’s push or put him on the backburner, sources say that is not the case. WWE officials were very surprised at new merchandise numbers for Punk. Punk is now one of the company’s top sellers and is neck-and-neck with John Cena. In one demographic, likely males, Punk is on pace to pass Cena in sales.

Because of Punk’s success coming out of the summer storylines, WWE officials are now actively looking for ways to monetize him. WWE Studios are looking for projects that Punk could star in and there is talk of doing a CM Punk book, in part because the company hasn’t had many books lined up as of late. There are also plans to release more Punk merchandise soon. Punk is also planned to be a bigger part of WWE programming and pay-per-views going into 2012. Word is that the company will be going “full blown” when it comes to Punk.

Regarding creative plans, Punk is scheduled to headline several upcoming pay-per-views with WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. There’s no word yet where John Cena will fit into the feud, if he will at all. Some have questioned WWE’s booking of Punk as of late but it’s said that WWE is trying to build sympathy for his losses as a part of something bigger.

Source: PWInsider

  • CM Mark

    And 76, I was watching WCCW when you were suckling a tit.

  • CM Mark

    Sorry I didn’t mean the OLD TIMERS main event, I meant the current one that actually matters. Not the yo boy vs the tooth fairy.

  • venom

    @CM Mark

    Welcome back to watching WWE program. Cena vs Rock at mania 28. I think Punk will going into mania as champion.


    I think everybody will be bashing CM Punk on here by next year saying they are sick of him. you’ll see.

  • 76

    @CM Mark…are you an idiot or 10 years-old?, the main event for WM is THE ROCK VS JOHN CENA, only time main event been determined a year in advance

  • CM Mark

    Blah blah book and movie thing blah. Put the strap back on Punk and let him make del Rio look good again like at hiac. Punk vs Cena at wm for the WWE title with Punk as defending champion or RIOT!

  • D2K

    @ V: That’s a good question. I’m already starting to get a little tired of his shtick only because the angle he is in is going nowhere fast. That’s not his fault. As long as the current management is in place there is no reason to expect any long-term substance out of any angle.

    Last year Randy Orton was over like rover, they botched that. The Nexus storyline was a great idea. They botched that. The Miz was super over around Wrestlemania time. They botched that. They have been continuously botching Beth Phoenix and now they are botching CM Punk. I give up. Time to put UFC back on.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Best news I’ve heard since CM Punk’s promo. Now I actually have something to look forward too when watching WWE. However, I’m scared that if CM Punk’s merchandise sales start to decline, the WWE will instantly go back to sucking John Cena’s penis.

  • StudDog

    V—The WWE does not have to shove him down our throats because the IWC is doing that just fine on their own.

  • v

    I gotta question. What happens when they shove Punk down our throats like they did with Cena and Orton? Are we gonna hate him then too?

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    They just decided to go full blown with Punk?… They should have done it when his disgruntled employee thing first started, he had huge momentum but the novelty kind of wore of with every week him saying the same exact same things…

  • joe

    did anyone notice punks new tshirt w/ the ice cream bar on it? lol gotta love punk

  • JIR

    yes and as much as I love the Rock of yesteryear he could also bury a guy with one promo I am looking at you Billy Gunn

  • Freakzilla

    Another 7 year old comment. Such flawed logic, if you’re that over putting people over doesn’t hurt you at all. Rock put over loads of people and it never hurt him one bit.

  • Jimbo

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • !?

    I don’t think that Cena and Orton should be putting over anyone. Not for nothing, Cena and Orton are still relatively young guys and have a lot of mileage left in their careers (8-10 years at the least). Yeah, you can push Punk but don’t lose money by knocking your other cash cows down.

  • Zach D

    @ Tyler

    If Punks’s shit, what are you? You’re shits shit

  • Everyone bums CM Punk.

    He’s shit.

  • RPM

    a CM punk comic would actually be great especially straight edge society but they ruined that angle anyway but I think he’s more marketable in out of the box ways then in traditional media that wwe has done time and time again like movies.

    ice cream bars, comic books, hell even cm punk straight edge shoe laces would probably sell.

  • Devil_Rising

    It’s about goddamn time they started seriously pushing someone OTHER than Cena and Orton. Cena is their new Hogan….Orton is………I don’t know. But both are old news, and need to be pushed aside for new guys to step up. Guys like Taker knew when to put over young talent, and MAKE new stars. Apparently, Cena and Orton don’t.

  • Dave

    It’s all down to whether he gets his face on the ice cream bars.