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Backstage News from RAW, McMahons on Election Night, More

– Scott Hall’s son Cody Hall and Larry Zbyszko’s son Tim Zbyszko are trying to book more independent dates and can be booked through

– One of the big questions within WWE right now is if Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon will be with Linda McMahon in Connecticut for Election Night on Tuesday or will they be in Europe for the SmackDown tapings.

– There was some head scratching backstage at Monday’s RAW when WWE aired promos for WrestleMania 29 in New York and New Jersey right as both states were being destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

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  • SYM

    So Vince should cancel WM29 because of sandy.

  • StudDog

    And BTW, almost forgot.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • StudDog


    May I ask what you are doing to help the victims? Not saying they are and not saying they are not, but WWE could possibly be doing things to help and just not publicizing them. Because if they did publicize them most of the IWC would be claiming they did it just to make Linda look good in the election.

  • Bill

    Yet Vince McMahon directly going against the Be A Star peogram wouldn’t cause some head-scratching?

  • wf3458

    Main Event recorded Tuesday before Smackdown. And there editing could insert something before it comes out. No excuses for that

  • wf3458

    But Ryan check the website. Zero mention on way to help the victims. Main Event was recorded so at least they can at least mention the Red Cross number which was out then.

  • Ryan

    you know main event was probably recorded the same time as raw or even before hand? same situation, probably told not to mention it with it being taped they wouldnt know the situation

  • wf3458

    blue4ever a little tasteless? People died that night and the Mcmahon’s could care freakin less. Heck anybody seen Main Event know that there was 0 count that 0 mention to help victims of Superstorm Sandy. IMPACT had twice.

    Mcmahon are the 1%. They could care less than there own profits.

  • blue4everd

    Not WRESTLEMANIA its self, but the promo. They played a promo of NY & NJ while it was being destroyed by Sandy. It was a ‘little’ tasteless, but I knew it wasn’t intentionally. :p

  • SYM

    Hurricane sandy will still be blowing April 7th 2013.

  • Mark

    Errr wots the current storm now got to do with wrestlemania??