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Backstage News for RAW, Punk Talks Cena-Tebow, Phoenix

– CM Punk wrote the following yesterday about John Cena appearing for the New York Jets while he’s a New England Patriots fan:

“Here’s what I know: I’m not a football guy. If I was, I wouldn’t allow myself to be honorary anything of a team I didn’t even like. That being said, Tebow thinks there’s a god, and believes he will help him win his insignificant game of football. I’ll be in Knoxville…”

– Beth Phoenix is in Nashville for tonight’s RAW. Unless she has changed her mind about leaving the company, tonight’s RAW and next week’s RAW from New Jersey will be her last appearances with the company for the time being.

– reports that CM Punk’s Hell In a Cell announcement is scheduled for the 9pm timeslot for tonight’s RAW. They also report that Vince McMahon is scheduled to appear on RAW tonight.

  • paul s

    Marzen u troll fuck off. This weeks may be better yhan last weeks, worst opening segment i have ever seen. It was like kids yapping in the middle of the ri g. What the fuck are the writers doing?? Compare it to any raw feom attitude. Fucking shambles i watched it witj my head in my hands. Give us longer matches if ur wasting ur money on awful writing! Jesus christ!

  • David “Ranter”

    @ CM Mark.

    Maybe I should have just simplified my comment for these people and basicly said what you did since opinions and actually thought out things aren’t aloud anywhere now days.

  • CM Mark

    Punk is a heel, Cena is his enemy, his comment reflect that. That is all.

  • im going to be at raw tonight its going to be awesome!

  • StocktonJoe

    @Marzen AND @Devil_Rising – Wrestling during the “attitude era” was “fake.” Wrestling today is “fake.” Wrestling back in the fifties was “fake.” Whether it is “SuperCena” today, or Hogan “Hulking up” 30 years ago, it’s all theater.

    The punches and kicks are to a degree “pulled.” No human could take the pounding night after night after night and show no bruising. That said, it is very very physically demanding. And make no mistake about it, the men and women in the sport are top-notch Athletes.

  • Devil_Rising


    Go ahead and get in that ring, take a few moves, and come back and tell us all that “nothing hurts really”.

  • Märzen

    I dont get it, in the attitude era Wrestling was Real, now Wrestling is Fake, i heard they know the outcome of the Match beforehand, And the punches arent Real, they should say this before each Match to not confuse the audience.. I thought wwe is a Bit Real, but now i know that everything is acted, ans nothing hurts really..

  • StocktonJoe

    Several thoughts.

    * C. M. Punk is on solid Theological ground. If God exists, I certainly hope She is working on the whole World Peace thing, and finding cures for Cancer and other diseases. She’s got more important things to do than worrying about the outcome of the World Series or Superbowl.

    * C. M. Punk’s comment wasn’t about Football (except to say he’s not a football guy – OK, no harm, no foul). It wasn’t even about Tim Tebow. It was all about Cena.

    * If tonight truly IS Beth Phoenix’s last television appearance with WWE it is a dark day, and I mourn.

  • David “Ranter”

    @ Buttercastle

    Btw if you feel that CM Punks complains then what did you mention it for? You said somthing about how he complained about football when he didn’t he just stated that he isn’t a football fan or a Tebow fan. The point was to mention Cena and the stupidity of him going to the game of a difrent team then the one he likes.

  • David “Ranter”

    The point was of what Punk said is what I thought when I seen he was going to the Jets game….”why go to that game when he is a Patriots fan”? Oh I know… so he could take a picture with Tim Tebow… the player they can’t stop damn talking about. Yes btw I watch Football, grew up in a football family. I like about any sport but Baseball. I liked playing sports like, Basketball,Soccer,field hockey,lacross and Football as a kid and I still do.

    I’m very open minded when it comes to anything in life but I’m Straight edge never smoked,used drugs or consumed alchoolic beverages ever(I’m 21) and no most my friends aren’t as I don’t force my beliefs on life upon other people before anyone says somthing to me for being Straight Edge. The only one I will watch mostly is football though. I like Hockey even though I never played it on ice before,but since we don’t have the subscripton to NHL I can’t watch it very often. Btw he posted it on twitter and that’s basicly the point of twitter( no I don’t use it) is to get Celebrities and Sports people like him attention(btw I consider wrestling a sport)

  • Buttercastle

    Why is Punk even complaining if he doesn’t even like football? I don’t like football either but I’m not gunna rant about it. He reminds me of an angsty teen who complains about everything in the world not being fair.

  • Whatever

    Say whatever you want about Vince but Raw is more exciting when he is in the show…

  • mtlhitman

    Vinny mack a.k.a genetic jackhammer is in the building watch out this might get even more interesting continueing feud with punk!